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Bangaladumpa Iguru (Potato Curry)

Jul 12th, 2006 | By | Category: Curries & Gravies, Veg - Recipes

At last I am here after a long gap. It took some time to adjust back with the normal routine office and home. I found some time now for my favorite pass time, blogging.

Bangaladumpa Iguru (thats how we call it at home), a gravy based dish that goes well with hot rice, chapathis and even pulao too is a commonly cooked dish at most of the homes in Andhra. Here is how it goes:


Potatoes – 3 (cut into cubes)

onions – 4 (cut lengthwise)

green chillies – 5 (slit lengthwise)

curry leaves – 2 sprigs

coriander leaves – 3 sprigs (chopped finely)

bay leaves – 4

cloves – 3 (lavangalu)

dalchini – a small stick

chillie powder – 1 tb sp

turmeric powder – 1 t sp

Salt to taste

oil – 2 tb sps

2 cups of water


1. Heat oil in a kadhai, add cloves, dalchini and bay leaves. fry for 3 mts till the flavour comes out.

2. Add green chillies, curry leaves and onions, fry till soft.

3. Add potatoes, cover and cook them on low flame for about 7-10 mts stirring in between till the potatoes turn soft.

4. Add turmeric, chilliepowder, salt to taste. Mix well, cover and cook for another 3 mts in low flame.

5. Add 2 cups of water and bring to boil. Cover the kadhai with a lid and allow the potatoes to cook on low flame till thick gravy is formed.

6. Add chopped coriander and serve hot with rice or chapathis.

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  1. wow, just adding water makes this gravy! Colors look soo good.
    BTW, I was already tagged for that meme and completed it

  2. Thanks for your nice words shankari.

  3. This recipe looks great and easy. I will try it this week and post you my comments/review after that. Thank You!!

  4. Hi Sowjanya,
    First time in your blog. Your bangaladumpa iguru especially the pics look very good. Will definitely try to make this dish today.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks pavani.

  6. Hi sowjanya,
    its very nice to see ur recipe… actually i tried this bangaladumpa iguru today..its very spicy n delicious..but i didnt get that marvaleous redish color..what should i add to get that color..pls suggest me!

  7. Madhu,

    The redish color depends on the chillie powder that you use. I’ve added a local brand that’s available at singapore.

  8. Hi sowjanya,
    thanxs for ur response.BTW it would be very great if u could post me”Thirattu Pal” recipe…which we commonly spell as pala kova..waiting for ur reply…

  9. Hi Madhu,

    Right now am on a blogging break. My camera has flown across miles :). Would definetely remember and blog up the recipe u’ve asked for once I’m back.

  10. Thanxs a ton……..

  11. Hi Sowjanya,

    I have tried this today.. It was very nice.. But I have added little curd as it became bit spicy..

    Thanks a lot.. it was nice…

  12. Hi Meera,

    Good to hear the recipe came out well. you could adjust the chillies to your spice level and yeah curd gives this curry the taste of kurma. Goes excellent with pulao or chapathi. Even I do that sometimes. Thanks for dropping by.

  13. maa amma kooda ela chestadi ,,nenu us lo unna epudu malli epudu chestuna

  14. Hi sowjanya,
    i tried bangaladhumpa iguru it was gud in taste and look.thanks for ur recipe.i was happy in making this.

  15. Sandeepa,

    Thanks for trying the recipe out. Happy to hear it turned out well. Please mail me if you have any questions while cooking.

    Happy Thanks giving to you and your family :))

  16. i tried it. its really yummy taste. even the color too. 1st time i hav cooked gravy curry with out tomatoes. really nice dish.

  17. […] it with a fork, serve hot with carrot kurma, aloo curry or raita. Tags: annam, coconut, kobbari, pulao, rice var […]

  18. Hi Sowjanya,

    I tried this receipe,the taste was good.But i don’t get the thick gravy.Any suggestions?

  19. Hi Sowji,

    To have the thick gravy, you can increase the quantity of onions, or add a tomato, or roasted cashew nut/poppy seed powder. Hope that helps.

  20. Thanq sowjanya.

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