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I would love to hear from my readers. Please drop in your comments in the comment box provided at the end of every post. I can also be reached via sowjanya[at]mommyscuisine[dot]com

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  1. Hi Sowjanya Garu ( I think that is your name ) at least from this recipe –


    I am cooking since 9 years and never complimented someone for explaining with such a patience – I am your fan now and subscribed to the RSS Feed

    Thank You Very Much for this perfect recipie.

    Last but not the least; I would like to say – Lucky Husband , children, guests and online comunity


  2. Hi Kiran,

    I’m overwhelmed at your response. Thanks for those kind words. Please feel free to drop me a line if you need any assistance while cooking. I’d be more than happy to help you.

  3. Hi Sowjanya garu,

    Mee website chala bagundi..chala vantakalu gurunchi chepparu. Its really useful to everybody nowadays. Much appreciated for your great work. I can see your kind heart and hard work in letting others know the greatness and taste of andhra vantalu. Thanks once again.

    Damodar k,

  4. Hello Sowjanya,

    Been browsing your website since noon.. good combination of all the things..bfast..lunch..snacks 🙂
    I’ve printed out the carrot curma curry to try at home.. Thanks for being patient..
    Oh, btw..your pics in the website are too good…tempting me to try every other recipe.. 😛

  5. Thanks for the nice words saraswathi. I hope you like the recipe. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I’ll be glad to help you out.

  6. Yday I tried carrot kurma…turned out really well !! Today is sesame curry’s turn..:)
    Thanks again…:)

  7. Hi Sowjanya garu,

    Just today happened to see your website. Pictures of methi chicken and guddu pulusu are mouth watering. I am a food lover specially south indian food. I am from Nellore but for the last 10 years I have been missing Nellore food. If you have time please post the recipe for idly sambar in your site. I googled for this authentic dish but in vain. I hope I will get lucky this time.

    Thank you

  8. Hi Sreenivas,

    Thanks for dropping by. I’ll be posting the recipe for you soon as I am going on a vacation. I’m happy you liked my recipes.

  9. Hii Sowjanya Garu,

    I liked all of your recipes. Even i tried some of them. If you have some time please kindly post Gulab Jamun recipe for me.

    Thank You

  10. Hello,

    Just finished making the pesarapappu and kobbari boorelu. They have come out very very well. My parents also enjoyed them. Thank you very very much.


  11. Hi Indrani,

    I am sorry for the delay in replying back. Great to hear you loved the boorelu recipe. Sorry for not sending you in some more detailed pics. I was on a trip to india at my home town and did not have access to internet. Stayed away from the blogging world for a while.

  12. Hi Sowjanya Garu ,

    thanku so much..first time chepala pulusu chesanu chalachala baagundi…………..me recipe naaku chala use aiendi.
    thanku verymuch.


  13. Dear Sowjanya:

    I am interested in some additional details on the Chicken Dum Biryani recipe. I hope you can respond in a timely manner, because I just saw your site. i need to know the following:

    I have 15 people for a dinner party:
    How many cups of Rice?
    Can chicken be substituted with mutton?
    How much mutton to the rice amount?
    If I marinate in yogurt over night, do I still need a meat tenderizer?
    After I layer the rice & mutton, I want it be cooked in the oven, how much time will it need?
    Please provide me details with specific details for the mutton Dum Biryani recipe.

    Thank you

  14. Hi Shama,

    Assuming you have other dishes serving for your guests here is the qty you requested for

    Rice – 3 kgs (about 15 measuring cups)
    mutton – 2 to 3 kgs/5 to 6 lbs ( I usually use meat qty the same as rice. But you may reduce or increase the qty accordingly)

    I do not use any meat tenderizer. Since the qty is more, after marinating overnight, Pressure cook the mutton with oil for about 6-7 whistles or till cooked. After the pressure goes away, remove the lid, and cook till the water evaporates and a thick gravy is formed. Then proceed cooking the rest as shown in the recipe.

    To cook in a conventional oven, layer the cooked mutton and half cooked rice as mentioned in the recipe, but use an oven proof wide alluminium or glass tray/casserole, cover tightly with an alluminium foil and bake for around 10 mts in preheated oven at 400 degrees or for 20 mts at 350 degrees.

    Since oven timings vary, keep an eye.

    Hope that helps.

    – Sowjanya

  15. Hi sowjanya,
    I saw you peetala pulsu recipe on your old blog.looks much like my moms prepn from the pic u posted. I myself never tried to cook crabs, tho I am a very much cooking enthusiast. Here I have a question, U had given list of ingredients, but for how much quantity of crabs?? I could not find it.

  16. Svardhani,

    Thanks for dropping by. It is for 3-4 crabs (small). Hope that helps.

  17. Hi Sowjanya Garu,
    I tried your mysore bhajji.The taste was really good but a bit hard.I didn’t soak the batter overnight instead i left some fresh curd for about 22 hours to get sour curd.Later I prepared the batter with this curd and left this batter for about 2 and half hours.Then finally I added all the remaining ingredients.Please suggest me to get fluffy or soft bhajjis.

    Thanking you,
    Srivalli Anand

  18. Hi Valli,

    Even its not sour coud the bajjis should turn out softer. I make mysore bajjis often with fresh curd just by leaving aside for 30 mts and they never turn out hard.
    Try adding in cooking soda. Not sure if you added that or not. If the batter is too thick, add some more curd. The batter should be of dropping consistency but not watery like pakora batter.

    Note: Adding too much of cooking soda absorbs more oil.

  19. Hi Sowjanya

    Just wanted to drop you a message to encourage you about your amazing blog!

    We have friends in Andrha Pradesh, living in Ponguturu village, not far from Tanuku. I went out last year to visit them and experienced some of the wonders of Andhra food. We invited them to stay with us in the UK and they are currently here for a month. I have been using your blog to cook some of our favourite dishes, its a really good guide and so simple to follow!

    So just wanted to say thanks….and keep it up, we certainly appreciate it!

  20. Tim,

    Thanks for dropping by and the nice words on my blog. I’m glad my recipes could be of help to you. I hope you enjoy them as much as your friends from ponguturu do.

    Best Wishes,

  21. hi sowji mam,
    im following u since 3 months,,,i tried all types of veg recipes u have posted….im requesting u to post different types of roti recipes

  22. Hi Sri,

    I will surely try to post some roti recipes. Yes, its been there on my list for a while but work keeps me busy that I could’nt blog regularly. will surely post some recipes.

  23. Hi Sowjanya,

    I’ve just come across your website while I was googling for some south indian recipes.. The way you are presenting recipes is extraordinary..I really like it so much…Every other dish I browsed was tempting me to try it….. Appreciate your effort and patience…


  24. Hello ma’am. A very nicely described recipe. I went ahead and cooked it……my family loved it. But I have a question. I am planning to cook the same biryani in an Indian claypot (matka type vessel). Do I need to take any special precautions with it? I may not be able to put the pot on a flat tawa or saucepan for the ‘dum’ phase. Can I put it directly on a slow gas burner??

  25. Hi Parag,

    you can still cook directly on low flame but you have to constantly monitor as the bottom layer of rice gets burnt off when you place it directly on flame.

    The method of cooking it on a pan/tawa is called “Dum” and is essential in cooking hyderabadi biryani to achieve the perfect taste. Hope that helps.

  26. Hi Parag,

    you can still cook directly on low flame but you have to constantly monitor as the bottom layer of rice gets burnt off when you place it directly on flame.

    The method of cooking it on a pan/tawa is called “Dum” and is essential in cooking hyderabadi biryani to achieve the perfect taste. Hope that helps.

  27. Hello Ma’am….writing to you again. I’ve tried your recipe for Dum Chicken biryani twice now, with resounding success. The second time was in an earthen pot (Indian matka) and the flavour was even better. However, I have had one minor issue during both times while cooking the biryani. Though I stuck to the time mentioned for the ‘dum’ (exceeded it by 5 min because of larger quantity of chicken/rice) and kept it at low flame, I found that some pieces of chicken (the bottom layer) tend to blacken up. Other wise everything else is perfect. How can i prevent this mild burning? Can I put a thin layer of rice at the bottom,and then pile the chicken and the rest of the rice on top? Please advise

  28. Hi Parag,

    You are right. Cooking in a clay or earthenware pot tastes delicious. While using the pot do not put it on direct heat to avoid burning of chicken. Layering rice at the bottom would turn the rice crispy. However to try preventing the chicken burning when cooking on direct flame, in the first step when cooking on high flame, try reducing the time. I have’nt really tried this way since the traditional method uses a pan in the bottom. Hope that helps.

  29. Hi Sowjanya,
    i need some help on the Hydrabadi Dum Biryani masala..? pls send in your email address..


  30. Hi Sowjanya

    Your recipes are all awesome. I have been getting compliments everytime I use any one of these. Thanks. Its very useful for newly wed brides who doesnt know cooking

  31. how to view all ur recipe

  32. Hi Priya,

    Click on the link “Home” and then click on the recipe you like. It should open the entire recipe for you. Hope that helps.

  33. hai sowjanya garu,
    i am a newly married girl, just 1 month before. I liked your recipes a lot especially panner butter masala.
    thank you so much and hope u will keep updating the blog and we expect more.
    thank u…….

  34. hey this is an amazing treasure trove of recipies. Just been thru a couple, amazing photos enticing the reader to try the same. Thanks,

  35. love to try your recipe for Christmas lunch. Please can you send recipe for 20 people. Judging by all the comments it must be very delicious.



  36. How do I reach you? I’ve tried to send you an email at the given adress above, but failed.

  37. Hi Ranya

    Not sure if you have typed the email address right. You can still reach me on the above email address or drop me a note just like you did regarding your question. I’d respond back at the earliest possible.

  38. This is the best and easiest recipe to follow thank you so much my briyiani came out perfect

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