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Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani

Feb 21st, 2009 | By | Category: All Recipes, Chicken Recipes, Featured recipes, Rice & Biryani Recipes

This is the first dish I tasted on my visit to hyderabad after my wedding. I have fallen in love with this authentic and elegant delicacy since then. It is worth spending time to make this at home and watch your loving ones relish the dish. Hyderabadi dum biryani is a signature dish from hyderabad, the city of pearls and is said to be a blend of mughal and persian cuisine. Basmati rice cooked with layers of marinated chicken or meat in a wide, heavy bottomed vessel on a low flame, is where it gets the taste from. This process of cooking is also known as “Dum” .

Cooking basmati rice nice and fluffy make your rice dishes look more beautiful. A little practice is all you need to cook this beautiful long grain rice. Here are a few tips for cooking basmati rice.

  • Wash rice two to three times under cold water to remove the starch.

  • soak rice for atleast 30mts in plenty of water. This allows the rice to expand and cook without breaking during cooking.

  • Add a tbsp of butter or oil to the boiling water while cooking rice. This would make the grains separate.

  • Make sure you cook the rice in a wide bottomed pan and do not disturb the rice by stirring in between. This would result in breakage of the rice.

  • Let the cooked rice rest for a while before serving it.

There are 3 basic steps for cooking a delicious hyderabadi chicken dum biryani.

  • Marinating the chicken

  • Half cook the basmati rice

  • Layering chicken and rice together for the biryani.

    Note: Please adjust the marinade ingredients according to your spice levels.

    Now lets get into the things we need for these 3 steps.

For the Marinade

Chicken – 1 lb (about ½ kg) skinned, washed and cut into cubes. Boneless

chicken can also be used but I prefer to use whole chicken with bones. Make sure you drain all the water after washing the chicken.

Ginger & Garlic Paste – 2 tsps

Mint leaves (pudina) – 10 sprigs finely chopped

Coriander leaves – 10 sprigs finely chopped

Saffron – 2 pinches soaked in ¼ cup of milk

1 onion – finely sliced and deep fried till dark brown. (see pics)

yoghurt – ¾ cup ( I used a measuring cup)

chilli powder – 2 tbsp

Turmeric powder – ¼ tsp

garam masala – 2 tbsps (if using store bought, lightly roasted in a pan on low heat for 30 secs)

juice of 1 big lemon (about 4 tbsps)

Oil – ¼ cup

Salt – ½ tsp

Oil for deep frying the onions – ¼ cup (do not use left over oil in the marinade after frying onions. discard or save it for a different dish)

For the rice

Basmati rice – 2 cups ( I used a measuring cup). Wash under cold water and soak for 30 mts then drain the entire water in a strainer and set aside

Whole green Cardamom – 4

Cloves – 3

Black cumin seeds (Shahi jeera) – ¾ tsp

Bay leaves – 2

Biryani flower ( Anasapuvvu) – 1

Black pepper corns – 4

Butter/oil/ghee – 1 tbsp

Salt – 4 tbsps

Water for boiling – 10 cups ( I used a measuring cup)

A wide & deep sauce pan to cook rice

For cooking in layers

1 wide heavy bottomed deep vessel / pot

A large dosa pan / flat bottomed skillet

Pinch of red orange color dissolved in 2 tbsps milk or water (optional)

Alluminium foil or a wet towel (squeeze the entire water) to cover the pan. Alternatively you can use whole wheat flour dough to seal the edges so that the steam does’nt escape.

Now that you have all the ingredients ready. Lets take a peek at the recipe.

- In a sauce pan heat about 1/4 cup of oil and deep fry onions as shown in the below pics till dark brown. Remove the onions and drain them on the kitchen towel. Once cool, crush them and set aside. They are ready to  be mixed in the marinade. Alternatively you can use store bought fried onions too. (Do not use left over oil in the marinade)

The first step is marinating the chicken:

In a large bowl, mix all the marinade ingredients till well combined. Cover and let it rest for an hour or overnight if you have some time. This would let the chicken absorb all the flavours of the spices and enhance the taste of your biryani.

Cooking the basmati rice:

While the chicken is marinating, place a deep sauce pan on the stove with 10 cups of water on high flame. When the water gets to boil, throw in the spices (cardamom, cloves, shahijeera, bay leaves, bay flower, pepper corns, butter, and salt) and cook for a minute. Now gently add in the drained rice to the boiling water and let it cook on high flame till another boil (takes 4 mts).

Immediately drain the rice along with the spices in a strainer. Let all the water drain off. Set aside.

OK, show time now, cooking both the chicken and rice together. But now that everything is ready, this is going to be a cake walk. Trust me. You can do this. Its EASY.

Place a heavy wide bottomed deep pot or vessel on the stove top and turn it on high flame. Allow the pot to get hot for about a minute.

Now arrange the entire marinated chicken at the bottom of this pot. This is your first layer.

Then arrange the half cooked rice on top of the chicken. This is going to be your second and last layer.

On top of the rice, add about 2 – 3 tbsps of oil. Cover the pot with a lid and cook on high heat for 3 to 4 mts. Do not cook more than that because your chicken might get burnt.

Meanwhile heat a dosa pan/flat bottomed skillet on high heat till the pan is hot. Once hot reduce the flame to the lowest setting and place the chicken and rice pot on the tawa.

Remove the lid and pour in the red orange color water around in the center. This would give your rice the restaurant style look with some of the rice grains looking orange in color. Who would’nt want to surprise their guests with such looks!!!

Now seal the pot with an alluminium foil or a wet towel (squeeze all the water) or using the traditional whole wheat dough method. This allows the flavors of your chicken and rice to remain inside. Cook for 30 mts undisturbed on the tawa on the lowest setting. Switch of the flame and let it rest for 10 mts.

Just before serving open the lid, gently mix in the chicken at the bottom with the rice. serve it hot with mirchi ka salan or raita and enjoy.

I could’nt post the recipe for mirchi ka salan right away but promise to surely do it in my next posts. Meanwhile do try the recipe and let me know how you liked it.

Update 12/13: Thanks all for the overwhelming response for my recipe. For those of you who have requested for the homemade garam masala recipe here it goes:

(dry roast on low flame for 2 to 3 minutes the below and grind to a fine powder, then add it to the marinade)

2 cloves/lavangalu

1/2 ” cinnamon stick/dalchini

2 cardamom/elaichi

tiny piece of star anise (about 2 petals)

1/4 tsp shahi jeera

5-6 pepper corns

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  1. Sowjanya..When to add color? after transferring into pan or before that?

  2. Ammu,

    Thanks for dropping by. The food color is added to the rice after placing the pot on the dosa pan/skillet on low flame. i.e just before covering it with alluminium sheet and cooking.Hope that helps.

  3. thanks sowjanya for the recipe… i will say no one cud ever explain the recipe so clearly… will try it asap… its my favourite…

  4. priyanka, thanks for dropping by and u’r nice words. let me know how u liked it. drop me a word if u need any help. I’d be glad to help you.

  5. Thanks for such a detailed explanation. Can I use the oven to do the same thing? I noticed that you did nt cook the chicken .Will the marinated chicken get cooked on its own within that time and not get burnt? What kind of garam masala do you use? Hope I have not asked too many questions ;-)

  6. Nalini,

    yes, you can use the oven too. The chicken would absolutely get cooked and will not get burnt as you are not directly placing it on the flame after the first few minutes. I’ve tried this countless number of times, and never had any issues with the chicken being undercooked. I use a homemade garam masala and sometimes priya garam masala when i run out of the homemade. Thanks for dropping by. It was nice to hear from you. Please leave me a note if you need any clarification. I’d be more than happy to help you.

  7. Thanks Sowjanya for the reply. I had one more question. You did not add ginger garlic paste in the marinade , was this your personal preference or is there any other reason for it.

  8. Nalini,

    That was a typo. I just updated the post with the quantity for ginger & garlic paste. Thanks for reminding me.

  9. Hi sowjanya , if we want to cook directly in oven (without using stove at all) after layering everything what should be the temperature and how long will it take ?

  10. Preethi,

    If you are cooking in a conventional oven, preheat oven to 350 degrees, layer everything in an oven proof dish, tightly cover with an alluminium foil, and cook in preheated oven for 25 – 30 mts. Please note that cooking time varies from oven to oven. So take a peek at the rice and the chicken after 25 mts to check if its cooked. Let me know if you have any clarifications. I hope you’ll like it.

  11. Hi Sowji,

    Thanks for your reply regarding the royyalu iguru. I tried making it again with the poppy seeds fried a little before I made the masala paste. This time it worked. Regarding this chicken biryani is the saffron a must? Please let me know so I can make it tomorrow for lunch. Also, do we have to fill little water in the dosa tawa to put the chicken rice pot in it? I like all your recipes and tried most of them. Please try to post more of non-veg dishes. I love the way you explain how to make them with home made masala paste.


  12. Sravya,

    Saffron adds taste and color to the biryani, but its ok to skip if you are running out of it :)

    you do not need to add any water in the dosa pan for cooking the biryani. Cooking it on low heat itself is enough. Hope that helps.

  13. Sowji:

    HURREEEEEEEEEEY!! I am so happy after I saw Your reply. I AM GOING TO MAKE IT NOW FOR TODAY’S LUNCH.

    Thanks Sowji.

  14. Sowji:

    Forgot to ask You one more question. After we add the food color on the top of the rice, do we have to mix or shall I wait till the rice and chicken is completely done and then mix?

  15. Sravya,

    Just add the food color on top of the rice. do not mix it. Once you turn off the flame let the biryani sit for 10 mts and then mix it gently. enjoy your lunch :)

  16. Hi soujanya,

    i like biryani very much and u explained in a very detailed manner …
    I also do almost the same process .. Sometimes in oven and sometimes on stove ….
    Thanks for the tempting picture ………

  17. Wow! nice biryani.
    Can you please give the recipe for the garam masala.

  18. Aparna,

    Sure will post the recipe for garam masala soon. If you need the recipe before I post it, I can email it to you. Let me know.

  19. recipe for garam masala please

  20. Heyyy Soujanya!!
    Thanks fro the recipe
    i ve never seen any recipe so detailed….
    Prev.i have a doubt about layerin chicken and rice..
    ur description n pics helped alot..

  21. RaDo,

    Thanks for the sweet words. I hope you’ll like it.

  22. what a clear explanation…!!!!!!
    i tried out this recipe yesterday and it came out so well …my hubby appreciated me a lot for this, i followed ur instructions as it is with exact quantities..thanks a lot for this recipe, explained so neatly and clearly that to with photos….it really helped me a lot….looking forward for more recipes…

    but i do have a doubt regarding whole garam masala( in general) tell me exact no of cloves,cardamom,elaichi to be used in order to prepare any biryani or fried rice for cooking 1 kg of rice ( actually iam new to cooking)i donot no wat all to be used and how many to be used..?

    once again thanks a lot … :-)

  23. Ananya,

    Its good to hear you liked the recipe. I love it when someone try out the recipes I post.

    Sorry, I did not quite understand your question though regarding the qty of garam masala. Are you asking about the qty of whole spices that go into rice while half boiling it or the qty of whole spices used to grind garam masala. Please let me know so I can help you out.

    One more thing, I do not use any garam masala spices in fried rice recipes. All that goes into fried rice is black pepper powder apart from the other ingredients. Hope that helps.

  24. hi sowjanya
    thanks for repling so early;;

    its reg… the qty of whole spices while half boiling in the preperation of biryani….

  25. Ananya,

    Approximately for 1 kg of rice, you can use the following spices. But then again increase or decrease them according to your spice levels.

    Green Elaichi – 8
    Cloves – 6-8 (adjust)
    Shahi Jeera (Black cumin seeds)- 2 tsps
    Bay leaves – 4
    Anasapuvvu – 2
    Whole Black Pepper corns – 8 (adjust)
    Butter 2 tbsp
    Salt – A fistful (say around 8 tbsps)
    Water – 4-5 litres (about 14 cups) – Please note that the water we are using is just to half cook and later would anyways be discarded. Since we want to bring it to a good boil we are using plenty of water.

    Hope that helps.

  26. thanks a lot for ur reply…could you also post the recipe for garam masala powder…

  27. Ananya,

    Sure some of my readers have been asking for the garam masala powder recipe for a while. Will surely post it for you asap. Sorry, I’m juggling between work and home these days :)

    Also will post pachi pulusu soon. Are you asking about vankaya pachi pulusu? or pachi pulusu recipe alone.

  28. Hi Sowjanya,- this is an excellent recipe- the rice was properly cooked as well as the chicken- I tried several other recipes for Biryani but your recipe gave me the perfect combination. Can we use the similar recipe for vegetarian biryani, that is instead of chicken, can I marinate vegetables (carrots, cauliflower etc) and follow the same directions? – let me know thank you once again for such a great recipe and keep posting.. I am going to try your chepala pulusu this weekend and will let you know how it turned out

  29. Deepika,

    I’m glad you liked my recipes. For vegetable biryani I follow a slightly different process. I will be posting the recipe soon. Let me know how you liked the fish pulusu. Feel free to drop me a note if you need any help.

  30. Hi Sowjanya,

    Very interesting and well written recipe for Dum Biryani. I would like to prepare this for say around 20 people. What would be the measurements. If I knew how many number of people the recipe above served would just adjsut accordingly. Can I know how many people the above recipe would serve to.


  31. Hi melissa,

    This would serve around 4-6 persons when accompanied by other sides dishes.
    Hope that helps.

  32. Hi

    I am sorry but I found the number of servings. Thankyou. Lovely recipes

  33. Great. Let me know if you need any help.

  34. hi
    iam planning to make this recipe for 25 people can u help me with the measurements of items needed for this biryani.

  35. Shobha,

    I’ll email you in detail.

  36. thanx i will be waiting

  37. shobha,

    emailed you with the measurements. pls check and let me know if you need any help.

  38. hi sowjanya,
    iam making it for my son’s birthday party i will let u know how it came out as soon as possible.

  39. Sure shobha,

    Let me know how you liked it. As said earlier please adjust the ingredients according to your spice levels. oh and by the way “many more happy returns of the day” to your son.

  40. I’m gonna treat my boss with this today.. Tried a couple of times before though. Will let you know how it comes out..

  41. Thanks ramana. Hope your boss likes it. Do let me know if you need any help.

  42. hi sowjanya,
    This time the biryani came out very good. thanx.

  43. wow this biryani is looking authentic and perfect.
    Thank you for the recipe.

  44. Nice recipe

  45. Hello Sowjanya

    I followed your recipe and the results were awesome. Verdict from my hubby the best biryani ever.

    thank you for the wonderful recipe.


  46. Sangeeta,

    I’m glad you and your hubby liked the recipe. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your wonderful comment.

  47. Hi Sowjanya,
    I tried your recipe for my husband’s birthday and it came out perfect- he is from Hyderabad and loves biryani. I tried your directions and it came out perfect- the rice consisitency was perfect and the spices well balanced. I am planning to make it for lunch for a party of 9-10 people so I think I will double the qty. I know I can double the qty of the ingredients- my doubt is- how changing the qty will affect the cooking time? Can you please tell me the cooking times for double the qty i.e cooking time for rice and cooking time for biryani once we have it all together.

  48. Kiranmayi,

    Thanks for trying the recipe and your compliment. I’m happy you and your family liked it.

    Even if you double the quantity (I’m assuming you want to cook 4 cups of rice) the cooking time for half boiling the rice remains the same. (around 4- 5 mts).

    The cooking time after layering chicken and rice also remains the same ( around 30 mts).

    Since stove tops vary, please make sure to see if the rice is fully done before you mix it and serve. If you feel it needs a little bit more time then cook it on low flame with the dosa pan on it.

    Oh and do not forget to use a vessel that is wide enough to fit your ingredients since you are doubling the quantity.

    Let me know if you need any help. I’ll be glad to. Hope you and your friends enjoy.

  49. Wow, this looks delicious! I’m throwing a surprise dinner party for my husband in a few weeks time and would love to make this for about 20 people. I’d really, really appreciate it so much if you could send me the quantity/ingredients/measurements to cook this dish for 20 people. Many thanks in advance.

  50. Hi habiba,

    The recipe posted above would serve around 4-5 persons when accompanied with other side dishes. I’m going to email you the approximate ingredients for 20 persons.

  51. Hey sowji….

    guess what i finally prepared Hyderabadi Veg Dum biryani last sunday as per your recepe…and you dont believe , it turned out really good…. Balaji loved it and i felt a sense of accomplishment :))..thanks for the recepie.. will buzz you some time..


  52. Hey sowji,

    Thanks a lot, very clear reciepe.

    1. I would like to make it for my friends (Around 20 people). Can you please email me the approximate ingredients for 20 people.
    2. Where did you buy the vessel for layered cooking?does this vessel need thick bottom (I live in US where can i buy?)
    3. Can you use any flat tawa that i got from India?
    4. What else can we use instead of tawa?

  53. Sowji,

    can u please answer these questions also –

    1. Where did you buy the vessel for layered cooking?does this vessel need thick bottom (I live in US where can i buy?)
    2. Can you use any flat tawa that i got from India?
    3. What else can we use instead of tawa?

  54. Is the saffron added to the marinade chicken or add it to the rice. Could you please let us know as it was mentioned in the chicken marinade.
    To cook Biryani in oven at 350 degrees took around 50 minutes.

  55. Hi SP,

    Thanks for dropping by. Yes I add saffron to the chicken marinade and food color to the rice. Oven temparatures vary from one oven to oven. As I mentioned in my earlier comments, please keep checking after the first 25-30 mts to see if the rice is cooked or not. Hope that helps.

  56. very clearly written recipe… will try it for my hubby’s bday which is on this sunday … and will definitely let u know the results

  57. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment lobo. Lemme know how you liked it.

  58. gr8 dear…. I cudn’t believe it, it turned out really good…. my hubby Balaji loved it and i was praised by my all my family members …….thanks for the recepie..

  59. Thanks so much for this recipe … I fully followed the recipe and directions … came out GREAT! thank you so much

  60. what can i use in place of a tawa?

  61. Hi Fatima,

    you can use a flat iron skillet if a tawa is not available. Most indian stores sell tawa/dosa pans.

  62. Hi Sowjanya,
    Wow this is amazing,, its as good as standing in front of mamma in her kitchen and she giving me the recipe and cooking it as well,,,THANKS AGAIN :-)
    I have down loaded quite a few recipies and methods for cooking dum biryani but believe me nothing beats your explaination and the photos are just the iceing on the cake,
    im sure i will be a better cook than i am now if there are more helpfull people like you in this world,
    thanks for being so kind,
    hope to see few more non veg dishes from you,


  63. Rick,

    Thanks for dropping by and the nice words. I’m glad you liked the recipe.

  64. Hi Sowji,

    The biryani was yummy and my husband like it very much and he was so happy

    Thank you so much for the recipes and are very good.


  65. Divya,

    I’m glad you and your husband liked the dish. Thanks for the compliments. hope to see you around. comments give me a lot of energy to blog more :)

  66. Hi Sowjanya,

    I would like to know that for 1/2 kg chicken approximately how much of curd must be used in this recipe? You said 3/4th cup can you pls tell ne the exact quantity? Actually, till now i haven’t tried this as I’m very scared to try but after seeing your recipe nad the readers comments I surely want to try this weekend.
    Please let me know the curd measurement…

  67. Hi Shilpa,

    Sorry for the delay in replying back. When posting in the website, all the measurements I give are using measuring cups and spoons. 3/4th cup is 3/4th measuring cup which is equal to 175 ml. Hope that helps.

  68. i tried it many tyms n d results wer outstanding thnks a lot

  69. Hey Sowjanya,

    Lady you rock !! i mean just look at the simplicity with which you’ve explaine this “not o easy” recipe… we went for dinner to one of our relatives, and there my husband really liked the hyderabadi biryani.. Now my very obvious attempt was to make an equally good biryani at home..glued myself to google..but trust me you, i did not find a better explained recipe than yours..

    And guess what… My husband just loved the biryani i made.. I even shared your site with my collegues at office.. they too tried it at home,and their families just loved it….
    So i thought it was time to share the compliments with the one who deserved it most…
    Also wishin u n ur family a very happy new year !!! May you help us with more of such recipes this year as well…

    Lots of love

  70. Hi,
    This looks really good! Just what I was looking for. Can you pls email me the measurements for 30 people.

  71. sorry I sent you the wrong email id earlier . Thanks! pls send it to this id.

  72. I would like to know the measurements for 30 people. Thanks!

  73. Hi Jaya,

    I am currently on vacation and would be back in a week or so. I will mail you the measurements as soon as I am back. Thanks so much for dropping by.

  74. hii!!
    biryani was really spicy and good . i liked alot not only me but also my frnz and neighbours…thank u sowjanya..
    and i want to know how to make a pizza…

  75. Sending Thank you from Australia Sowjanya, the biryani turned out great even on my first try! :) I cooked it in a Le Creuset pot and it still turned out fantastic, a bit crusty on the bottom but then I didn’t have a tawa to moderate the heat.

  76. Hi Sowjanya
    This recipe was excellent. My husband and son both loved it! Your images and detailed description were very helpful. I used half a chicken for this recipe and assumed it should be about a pound but I guess it was more than that– because my husband said it would have been better with lesser chicken. But taste wise it was perfect!!!!!! Its really cool that you could explain such a complicated dish so clearly. Thanks! My husband wants me to make it again for a party for about 15 people. Could you tell me what quanities and cooking times to use for this please? Thanks!

  77. Hi Sowjanya, the recipe looks great and really yummy. The way you explained each step is very clear. I’m making this recipe this weekend, so just dropped by to clear a doubt. You mentioned in the recipe to cook biryani in a very low flame. My stove top has 4 hobs. one is very small, the other 2 are medium and one is a bigger hob. So i just wanted to know on which hob to cook the biryani, because the heat varies from medium hobs to the bigger hob. If i cook the biryani on the medium hob with a very low flame for 30mins maybe the biryani maynot cook or if i cook the biryani on the bigger hob with a very low flame for 30mins the biryani might get burnt. And also the same about half cooking the rice. So please would you clear my doubt.

    Thank You,

  78. Hello Sowjanya,

    Great work!! Amazing description of an authentic recipe. It was an absolutely perfect description.
    You are going to make great chefs out of people! Believe me, this is perfectly the way i make a Dum Biryani.
    My friends and family go crazy over this recipe and this is what brings me the greatest satisfaction. I am sure you will agree.

    Just an Idea for your wonderful recipe..Did you add Mace..(Javetri or Jaipatri) ?
    Just 1/4th or 1/2 of this flower is enough (bcos too much of it would dominate the Biranyi’s smell…). Try it next time and see how it tastes and smells.

    Thank you so much for sharing.


  79. Hi Ramesh,

    I am overwhelmed. Thanks for the wonderful comment. I loved the idea of adding mace to biryani. Will try it next time I try this out. I agree with your words, of how happy we feel when we serve our own dishes to our loved ones. Thats an amazing feeling.

    Thanks again, for dropping by and the lovely comment. I hope to see you around.

  80. Hello Sowjanya,

    Nice biryani.Really we like it. Ur explanation is very clear. I also tried chicken 65 and butter paneer masala it was also fantastic. Thank you so much.

  81. Nisha,

    Thanks for trying out the recipes and letting me know the results. I am glad you liked it.

  82. hiiiii………………..sowjanya thanks for u r detailed description of biryani…….

  83. hi sowjanya!…..
    i’m also sowjanya…. i had a doubt…. while marinating u dint add ginger garlic paste…. y? the taste will com with that only na…..

  84. ok its very helpful to me… nice recipeeee.

  85. ohhh…soryy not in the marinating…in rice

  86. Hi Sowjanya,

    Ginger garlic paste is added to the chicken and not in the rice. Adding it to the chicken brings out the flavor in it and is not required additionally again in the rice. I believe that clarifies your question. Thanks for dropping by. Do let me know if you have any other questions. I’d be glad to help you.

  87. Hi Sowjanya,
    Very nice recipe..i tried at my home it came out well..thanks so much for wonderfull recipe..:)

  88. this is the 4th time i am making your reciepe…i really like the detailed way of your explanation….

  89. Thanks Swapna,

    I am overwhelmed. Really happy to see your comment and that you liked it. Thanks for dropping by.

  90. hi, do you know where i can get the biryani flower from in the UK and//or what else it is called. I cant seem to find it anywhere!

  91. Hi Mariam,

    It is called Star anise in english and is available in most of the indian grocery stores. Here is a link of how it looks like. hope that helps.


  92. hello Sowjanya

    really?? i have those, they’re sooooo super strong. lol. i cant believe it, r u sure?

  93. Hi Sowjanya

    Thanks so much for posting this recipe so clearly. I cant explain how motivated I’m to try this out. I’d given up on making hyderabadi biryani coz of not getting it right. I’ll try it soon.
    Thanks again,


  94. Hi Mariam,

    Anasapauvvu is the telugu name for that. If you notice, I used only one flower to flavor the rice. Once you are done half boiling if you think, the rice is going to be more strong flavored, you can discard them away before dum cooking. hope that helps

  95. thank you Sowjanya.

  96. This is simply awesome !!!!
    Excellent.. My briyani is still on the stove and hoping it should come out good.. :o)
    But your way of telling the receipe is very crisp and clear….

  97. Hi Anjali,

    I hope you’ll like the biryani. You know what? I have the same level of excitement like yours when I experiment a new dish. I just can’t wait till the cooking is complete and I taste it :)

    Do let me know how you liked it.

  98. Hi sowjanya

    Tried your recipe. Didnt have the star anise but it came out well for first attempt. Hubby liked it too.
    I have one question. How do u get the perfect salty taste in the chicken pieces after biryani is cooked. Mine were ok with spice levels but little less in saltiness. I marinated for over an hour. Pls advise.

  99. Hi Chitra,

    Wondering if you missed adding salt to the chicken while marinating.

  100. Dear Sowjanya

    Can u advise me which basmati rice is really good for making Biryani.


  101. Hi Divya,

    Any basmati rice that you see in the grocery stores is good as long as it is aged. I usually switch between kohinoor and India Gate depending on the availability and price. Both taste equally good and fragrant. We usually see 1 year old basmati rice in the Indian grocery stores in US. Hope that helps.

  102. Hi Sowjanya,,
    Today I prepared it for 3rd time.Its so tasty,,I am staying in Hyderabad from last 3 years.when i searched to prepare hyderabad chicken biryani in net, i choose your recipe, because I really like the detailed way of your explanation with photo.Thank you so much..I am a Male,I prepared it for my wife..she likes it very much.
    And please post Hyderabad Mutton dum Biryani in your recipe..I want to cook that in next sunday…


  103. hi sowjanya,
    today we prepared for the first time by watching the recipe posted by you.
    it is simply superb. the way u explained the recipe was really excellent.
    taste was “the ultimate”. we enjoyed a lot……..thanks for such a delicious dish.

  104. Hi Bharathi/Rajesh

    Thanks so much for the lovely comment. I’m glad you loved the recipe.

  105. Hi Sowjanya,

    If anyone asks what are the ingredients to make Hyderabadi chicken dum biriyani, I’ll say there’s only one ingredient and will give the link to your recipe.

    I wanted to write this comment even before cooking it. But then i went ahead and tried it out. Before going ahead let me tell you that i am a guy as my name is commonly kept for girls as well in A.P. :-) And my expertise prior to cooking your recipe today is limited to quick fix items like egg burji, rice , dal and sambar being the most complex dish i have so far prepared in my life. That adds more shine to your medal.

    Knowing my “abilities” in cooking, I was only expecting the biriyani (was not even expecting it would come out worth to be called so) to be edible. I was really surprised to find it delicious, yes i said “delicious”. Thanks a lot for the recipe Sowjanya. It’s given me confidence to go ahead and try your other recipes.

    When i went through your recipe first time, i thought the pictures at various stages were the best part of it. When i started arranging the ingredients, i thought the precise measures mentioned are the best part. When i started cooking, i thought the cooking timings mentioned are the best part, especially for a novice like me.

    When i taste it i know that it’s your passion for cooking and the heart to see the happiness of others enjoying the pleasure of good food that made you think like a novice person and write the recipe with answers to all the questions that pop up through out the process. Kudos Sowjanya, Great Work. Thanks a lot.

    I am not from hyderabad. I will make sure that the recipe goes far and wide and brings smiles to many more people and confidence to further try dishes which are otherwise believed to be complicated.

    Thanks again for the great recipe and for making my day. :-)

    Keep Spreading Happiness.

  106. Kiran,

    I have no words to say reading your compliments. I am delighted. Thanks for trying it out and leaving a wonderful comment on my blog. Thats by far the best compliment I ever received. yeah, you are right. I love cooking and gain pleasure when people like me who have similar interests learn from whatever little culinary skills I have.

    Thanks again for the wonderful words, and I hope to keep up to the expecations of my readers with more recipes that everyone would love.

  107. Wow! The recipe turned out a huge hit in our home. My wife was completely flattered with the taste. My 8 year old said, Dad your biriyani is far far far better than any restaurant’s biriyani. Thanks a lot! More guests (Wife told her friends) are coming in tomorrow. Have to redo it!!

  108. BTW my cooking stint is only 3-4 days of experience. Imagine how much effort you have made to make me a good cook. Hats off to you!

  109. Hi Mr.Krishnan,

    I am delighted with your comments. Happy to hear your family devoured the biryani. Thanks so much for trying out and leaving by your comments. It gives me the energy to blog more :)

  110. hi sowjanya,
    I have browsed through various cookery sites for various recipes. but yours is the BEST.
    You have explained a complicated recipe with so much clarity. great !
    will visit your site often for more such recipes. thank you.

  111. Thanks Asha,

    I’m glad you liked my website.

  112. hi sowjanya,
    i prepared this dish today, its really tasty …………………..can u plz help me to prepare same dish for 25 people…………..plz my husband wants to invite his friends for this dish……..plz post for me……thx

  113. hi sowjany
    can u plz help me to prepare same dish for 25 people…………..plz my husband wants to invite his friends for this dish……..plz post for me……thx

  114. Hi Laxmi,

    I’m glad you liked the biryani. E-mailed you the measurements. Please take a look.

  115. hi i wantd to ask u said first to put the marinated chicken and upon that rice wont the chicken get burnt..and first should we boil the rice little..

  116. Hi Sowjanya,
    Loved your blog & simplicity of recipe! It’s really cool!

    I m goin to try this biryani. Will let u know how it turns out.
    But please let me know the recipe for mirachi ka salan as well.
    I couldn’t find out on ur blog, I will get elsewhere but want it from u! :-)

    Many thanx to u!

  117. Hi Amruta,

    Thanks for dropping by and the lovely comments. I’ll email you the recipe for mirchi ka salan today. Quite busy these days at work and could’nt blog but will post it sometime. Hope you enjoy the dish.

  118. Hi Sowjanya,
    amazing recipe…my biryani turned out soo good…I almost followed your recipe to the book..
    Keep posting more amazing recipes..:)


  119. Hi sowjanya

    amazing recipe i tried 2 times it was great. earlier i was confused how to make dum biriyani i usually cook the chicken first. thanks alot for the detailed recipe with pics. my hubby loved the biryani. :)

  120. Hi, I followed the recipe and the taste was very good. But I didn’t like that the rice was very moist after mixing the chicken with the rice. Usually when I have had Dum Biryani the rice strands don’t stick to each other. Before I mixed the rice with the chicken I checked the bottom of the pan and there was about a 1/2 inch of chicken juices. I assumed mixing that with the rice caused the rice to be so moist and stick together. Once the chicken is done should there be no juices at the bottom? A Punjabi woman told me to use less yoghurt marinade when basting the chicken overnight.
    Any suggestions would be great.

  121. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for dropping by. Yes, by the time the biryani is cooked there should be no juices at the bottom. When I mix its a thick paste and chicken that I see. Marinating overnight and using less yoghurt, I have’nt tried that ever but I use thick yoghurt that does’nt have any water normally. The recipe was tried and tasted number of times in my kitchen and never failed.

    However, you could follow these steps and try this time.
    1) Add marinated chicken, cover and cook on high for 5 mts or till you see there is no water running around.
    2) Then add half cooked basmati rice, oil, food color etc., cover with a foil and transfer to the preheated dosa pan and cook on low flame.

    This way you could ensure that there are no juices running at the bottom. Hope that helps. Do let me know how it turned out.

  122. Thanks for te dish.. but, u need a wide non-stiky pan to have htis na?? else… the whole content will get stuck in to the ormal vessel rite?????

  123. Hi Sanaz,

    Yes you need a wide bottomed pan so it would be easy while mixing and also helps the biryani cooked all over.

  124. Hello Sowjanya

    Just wanted to thank you for the excellent reciepe and instructions. It came out great!

  125. Thanks anitha for the compliments. Its great to hear you tried and let me know as well.

  126. Dear Sowjanya,
    This is the first ever hyderabadi dum biriyani i have tried in my life and believe me it was superb! i couldnt believe that it turned out so well and its all thanks to you and your experience in cooking.
    i could dare not try dum biryani as i always thought it was difficult but the simplicity of your explanation made it more intresting and easy to encourage me to try this recepie.
    i tried it twice at home and all my friends loved it!
    I am sure u r a blessed woman and your family appreciates and likes you for the wonderful joy u spread to everyones lives.
    Thankyou very much.
    another thing, my husband very recently has turned veggie, could you share the recepie for Vegetable dum biryani?
    thanks once again.

  127. Prits,

    Its good to hear your compliments. I’m glad your family loved the dish. I was meaning to post the vegetable biryani recipe for a long time but could’nt do it. I’ll try and post it sometime for sure. I am also yet to post the mirchi ka salan recipe. Hope to do both of them together. Not that I don’t cook veggies but its just that I do not get a chance to click at the pictures and by the time I get to it, the bowl is empty :)

  128. dear sowjanya,

    tq so much 4da wonderful recipe which u so simply explained without any complications…thx again. i have 4questions 4u if u dont mind.
    1. Do u mix the saffron milk mixture into chicken 2marinade &
    2. What is the ‘red orange color water’ ure talking about, coz i dont see dat on the ingredient list.
    3. Where do u add the fried onions. to the chicken marinade or 2da cooked rice lastly?
    4. Is biryaniflower ‘star anise’?

    Hope im not bothering u..pls write 2me asap. i really wana try ur biryani…i cant wait. thx so much

  129. Hi Maggie,

    I’m glad you liked the recipe. Here are the answers to your questions. Hope it helps.

    1. Do u mix the saffron milk mixture into chicken 2marinade?

    – Yes I mix the saffron in the chicken marinade

    2. What is the ‘red orange color water’ ure talking about, coz i dont see dat on the ingredient list.

    – It is mentioned in the recipe under the section “For Cooking in Layers”. If it helps, orange colored water is nothing but orange red food color mixed with water.

    3. Where do u add the fried onions. to the chicken marinade or 2da cooked rice lastly?

    – Fried onions is added in the chicken marinade. I mentioned onions fried in the marinade list.

    4. Is biryaniflower ‘star anise’?

    – Yes it is ‘Star anise’

    I hope I answered all your questions. Let me know if you need any clarifications. I’d be more than happy to help you.

  130. dear sowjanya,

    thx 4replying my ridiculous questions, m so embarassed…thx again. m gonna try dis recipe asap. will let u know hw it comes out. God bless u 4blessing many ppl with ur generosity…bcoz i know of very close relatives who until now have not given me biryani recipe…even after asking a few times. so, m gonna ‘SHOCK TREATMENT’ them. how about dat sowjanya? m sooooooo happy. stay n touch pls. btw, r u from India?

  131. Hi Maggie,

    Thanks for replying back. Yes, I am from India living in the US. Good to know you liked the recipe. I hope you like it. Let me know how it turns out.

  132. Sowjanya the garam masala(2 tbsp)mentioned in the dum biryani is whole or powder.

  133. Hi Rajesh,

    The garam masala I mentioned is powder.

  134. Great recipe !!! .

    It’s a wonderful explanation Sowjanya that I have ever seen, step-by-step method, I am very much impressed with your dum biryani preparation.

    Thanks a lot for posting this recipe.

  135. WOW !!!!…….

    I was just going thro’ the recipe….it’s cool. i use to prepare DUM BIRIYANI with little bit different in style…my wife use to enjoy that……now i am going try this one……it’s cool…….very good, neat and detailed explanation. i enjoy cooking and like to experiment ……and this is going to be perfect one to try for………… thanks a lot… you have got a good & long fan following Sowjanya…….i think i will be one of them…….can you also suggest some good andhra style fish curry………

  136. Hi,
    I am going to surprise my mother in law with biriiyani today and though I am not sure of the taste- the biriyani is still cooking, I would like to thank you for the excellent detailed recipe.
    I am your FAN now. :)

  137. Hi preethy,

    I hope your mother-in-law likes the recipe. Thanks for dropping by.

  138. Gorgeous recipe. Just loved it. Have made it twice in a fortnight. Great tute.THANKS. BTW, waiting for Mirchi ka salan

  139. Hi lovely recipe, I have a question, why is it that biryani is made with raw chicken/mutton but the rice is half cooked? This is a general query, I just thought that shouldn’t the rice be raw too? Since it cooks faster? wouldn’t it cook in the steam from the cooking meat? novice cook here

  140. Hi Louise,

    There are two types of biryani in hyderabadi cuisine. The one I posted is using raw meat layered with half cooked rice and the second one is cooked meat layered with rice which I plan to post sometime.

    Cooking rice partially is required as the juices from the chicken marinade is not sufficient enough for the rice to cook fully. Also, partially cooked rice before layering is actually done with spices that lend the rice an aromatic flavor even before layering. Hope that helps.

  141. Thanks, yes it did! Now to go ahead and try it out! Bless you!

  142. Hey Sowjanya.. this is really a wonderful recipe.. i just tried this out for dinner and it came awesome.. I am from Kerala and getting married to a guy form Hyderabad who lovess biryani(which Hyderabad guy doesnt love biryani isnt it :-) ) Thank you for this awesome recipe!!

  143. Hi Priya,

    Congrats on your wedding and thanks for trying the recipe out. Loved to hear from you.

  144. hi,
    the recipe presentation is beautiful, i’ll sure try it today itself

  145. Thanks chandana. Let me know how you liked it.

  146. Thanks alot……..

  147. i would love to try this receipe.the picture is good & the detailed explanation is very good.can u tell me the recipe for garam masala.

  148. First of all i would like to thank you for such a details recipe.This link was forwarded by my wife and she recommended to read and i would like to thank her also.I am going to try this recipe tomorrow and i will again post you how it went.
    Small suggestion on your website : All the Latest comments are pushed down..people think by seeing the comments that no one has saw your site since then(By looking at the old comments…I wish you will take care of it..
    Thank you once again

  149. hi
    i like hyd chicken biryani
    u xplained very clearly 2 cook in home
    i tried it
    i also need how 2 learn egg friedrice please send it 2 my mail
    i am requesting
    i need clear process

  150. Hi Sowjanya,

    I happened to try ur recipe today.. It was awesome. Never seen such a clear recipe for dum briyani anywhere else!! Thankyou .will def refer ur website for other recipes as well !

  151. if the chicken is marinated along with the spices directly . Do we get the raw chicken smell. or could it be half cooked and mixed with the spices .

  152. Hi Dinesh,

    The chicken need not be half cooked for this recipe. This is called Kacha Biryani and raw chicken is marinated with spices and slow cooked along with layered rice. The chicken would absolutely get fully cooked. Do not worry.

  153. Thankyou Jayapradha. I’m glad you tried the recipe and liked it.

  154. Hi Srilatha,

    You can follow the recipe for my veg.fried rice and at the end, add eggs fry it till egg gets cooked. If you do not want the veggies, skip them and replace all with eggs as required. Hope that helps.

  155. Hi Mahesh,

    Thanks for pointing that out. I will look into it. Hope you like the recipe.

  156. Thanks sowjanya garu

  157. The article is very descriptive and easy to follow..!
    ll try this dum biriyani this weekend !! :)

  158. I loved your explanation for this. I am 15 and am starting to learn how to cook. I doubled the recipe. I wanted to know if there were any modifications i should know about, such as maybe longer cooking time, higher heat etc.
    I really would like to know as soon as possible, I am trying to surprise my mother tomorrow . Thanks (:

  159. Hi Navya,

    First of all, I’m just feeling so good about your enthusiasm to cook at this age. I did start cooking at your age (thats more of tasting I mean :)) )

    Coming to doubling the recipe, the cooking time might differ based on how big of a vessel you are using and the stove top.

    If I were you, I’d choose to play safe, I’d suggest to cook in two batches keeping the same cooking times which is not going to fail for sure.

    Hope that helps. Good luck and I’m sure your mom would love to see you cooking for her. Enjoy your day.

  160. Thank you so much!
    I am so thankful that you responded so quickly, I was going to put it in a large vessel but did not think it would cook correctly or would burn the bottom of the chicken. I have a snow day so I have time to make it. Thank you again for making such a wonderful tutorial. Most people left an ingredients list and vague description on what to do. So thank you this blog, it is in my bookmarks (:

  161. Glad you liked my blog navya. Thanks!

  162. Hi Sowjanya Auntie!
    The meal came out amazing! My mother was happily surprised after driving 100 miles to come home. I plan on using this recipe anytime we make biryani in the near future (: Thanks

  163. Hi Navya,

    I’m glad your mother loved it. Thanks so much for coming back and telling me how it turned out. I hope you had a nice time with your mom. Good Luck!

  164. Hi sowjanya

    I was looking for a dum biriyani recipe n decided to try ur recipe cos of ur detailed explanation.
    I tried it out n came out really well.
    I have few friends coming home on Friday, can u please mail me the measurements for 15 people.
    Also let me know if I have to keep the marinade in the fridge if m planning to marinate d chicken overnight.

  165. Hi Sushma,

    will email you the measurements.

  166. Hi Sowjanya,

    Thank you for this wonderful recipe. I tried it today and it turned out amazing!

  167. Thank you hariny. I’m glad you tried and liked it.

  168. Hi sowjanya

    Waiting for your reply. The dinner is tomorrow

  169. Hi Sushma,

    apoglogize for the delay. Will be sending you the email by evening. Is the email ID you mentioned while entering correct? Please confirm. will send you the measurements in the next 4-5 hours for sure.

  170. Hi Sushma,

    Emailed you the measurements. Please check and let me know if you received it or not.

  171. Yup received it. Thanks a ton. M sure I can never go wrong if I follow your instruction. Trust me this I’d the only biriyani recipe that came out so well. Hats off to u n the way u explain

  172. Hello sowjanya,
    Thanks for sharing the recipe. I tried it and the biryani came out very well. i had concerns if the chicken would be well cooked with in the given time.To my surprise it was perfect….the best dum biryani i have ever tried..thanks again for the wonderful recipe.

  173. Hi

    I tried your recipe, and it turned out to be very tasty for a first timer !! :) thanks to u. I have a doubt. Can this be prepared with chicken in bones? Because last 2 times i tried with bonless.

  174. Hi Vidhya,

    I’m happy to hear from you. glad you tried the recipe and liked it. Yes, you can use bone in chicken and the measurements would still remain the same.

  175. Hi Sowjanya,

    I had Hyderabad Chicken Biryani for the first time in Alpha Cafe near Secunderabad Railway Station at night 10.30 after getting down a train on April 2nd 2011(Yes on the day India won the World cup : ) ) We had it to celebrate Indias victory in ICC World Cup : ) . We watched the match on a laptop in the train.
    I dont know the reason but i really loved that biryani and generally even though i am a light eater i had double the amount i can eat .
    I fell in love with it that moment .Previously my brother who used to study in IIIT Hyderabad used to eat Hyderabad Biryani a lot . I never quite understood it. Ahh…I understood it on the day India won world cup :)

    Now i had Hyderabad Biryani again on Ugadi night in Bangalore as i was too lazy to cook after a long journey .I liked it but not as much as ALFA.While eating there my husbandd told Biryani was one of his favourite dishes and hence he doesnt eat in any other place but only in selected places.(Now, my husband never told me what he likes except the Bellam Paakam Chocolate )
    So i decided to learn how to make Biryani and searched on net yesteerday , I cxame across many recipes but i saw that yours was very detailed (Down to the number of minutes y ou gave instructions)Though quite apprehensive, i started off , encouraged by the comments i read and the simplicity of your recipe

    I made the Biryani with half of the quantities you have given (I didnt have big Vessels ).And i decided to give it as a surprise my husband.And you know what the word he said after eating it : EXCELLENT , YOU WILL BE A GREAT COOK , FORTUNATELY : ) THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST BIRYANIS I EVER HAD

    Now this word fortunately was added because he was terrified of my food in the beginning of our marriage (which was 9 months back : )

    He literally praised me forr every morsel he ate .(Now praise is not something which my husband gives so liberally to me : ) )

    I couldnt believe it : ) : )

    I am very happy Sowjanya . All the credit goes to you . I write this to you with happy tears in my eyes and while eating the 2-3 spoons of rice which was leftover yesterday


  176. HI Sowjanya,

    Tomorrow i am going to my home town on a vacation and i want to make the Chicken Biryani as a surprise to my Parents and Father in Law and Brother and Grand Parents and Maternal Uncles and Aunts andd Kids .Could you please send me the recipe for 15 people .Also please tell me the Garam Masala recipe.Icouldnt find it anywhere here .(I have used some packet garam masala yesterday )I want to use it for the Biryani i am going to make for my family .

  177. Hi Surekha,

    I am overwhelmed reading your comments. Its a feeling that cannot be expressed in words. Thanks so much for trying the recipe and letting me know how good you felt about it.

    I am so sorry, for the delay in replying back to you. I did not get a chance to read your comment with busy work schedules and believe you must have already left to your grandparents place by now.

    I will be sending you in the recipe for garam masala and also the measurements shortly. Apologize again for the delay in replying back and thanks so much dropping by. Keep in touch.

  178. Hi Sowjanya , thanks for posting this recipe . I make biriyani frequently but usually only for a family of three! I found your recipe while searching for a recipe that gives larger quantities. It looks like this is a fantastic recipe ! So many people have tried it …..Please tell me how to convert this to a recipe for 20 – 25 people – I want to make it for my son’s `birthday on the 24th . I’ll let you know how it came out .

  179. u have given the how to make it but u did not give the ingredient

  180. Hi Amal,

    I did give the ingredients please read the entire post.

  181. Hi Sowjanya,

    Thanks a lot for replying.I have actually made the Biryani again at my Grandma’s home but i used aachi garam masala as i couldnt get Everest here.The recipe was good: ) This time my brother ate it a lot and praised me and ate the left overs in evening also but my husband says it was not as good as the first attempt.I think it must be because of the garam masala.Could you please mail me your authentic garam masala : )

  182. Hi Sowjanya,

    Looks great receipe ! I do not cook non veg at home. Hence need to try it at my friend’s place :)
    I am also looking for a veg dum biryani receipe. I read your answers and you have mentioned that the receipe is little different. Will you be able to publish / send me the details? Also there is a reference of cooked chicken biryani. Will you be able to send / publish that receipe as well? Which one is tastier? Does it need less time as compared to raw chicken biryani?
    Once again – very detailed, step wise approach. It will help lot of people who are learning cooking. Thanks a lot.

  183. Hi Surendra,

    The version I posted here is kachi biryani and the cooked version is called pakki biryani which is equally tasty.
    I am due on the vegetable biryani posts which I hope to do as soon as possible keeping in mind my busy work schedule.

    Thanks for the nice words and dropping by. will surely post the recipe per your request.

  184. Hi Surekha,

    Sorry again for the delay in replying back. Its my work schedules that keeps me busy and delaying in responding back. Will surely post the garam masala recipe. I’ve been receiving emails for this recipe and the vegetable biryani as well. will try and post it as soon as I possible can. Thanks again for the overwhelming response. I’m honored.

  185. Hi,
    Nice recipe and very nice pictures. Love the food.


  186. Hai Sowjanya, very nice recipe and i like the way you explained it.would you please tell me the recipe for garam masala.

  187. Hai Sowjanya,very nice recipe and i like the way you explained.Would you please tell me the ingredients of garam masala powder

  188. Hi ,
    i just made this..i followed ur technique to the T..All i can say is its WOW!

  189. Hi m murali i made in my home last sunday , this is absulutely good receipe , i made delicious biryani,

    friends you should follow the receipe make sure you wll made super biryani no dought about it

    thanks for mommys cusine

  190. it looks really yum & has very detailed instructions. I am planning to make this for around 20 people, can you please send me the measurements?

  191. Hi Vini,

    Thanks so much for dropping by and the lovely words. I’m happy to hear from you.

  192. Hi Sasidharan,

    I am long due on my posts these days. I will surely find sometime to post all your requests. Thanks for dropping by and your nice words.

  193. Hi Murali,

    That was a great compliment to me. I’m overwhelmed by the number of compliments received on this post. It really encourages me. Again, many thanks for letting me know.

  194. Hi Sowjanya,

    I had prepared the biryani. It was too good. But I had only one issue. The biryani when I tried to serve had shed a lot of water and hence it was not dry as it should had been. Also some of the chicken pieces were not properly tasting even though I kept them marinated for abt 3-4 hours. Should I pierce the chicken pieces with making minute holes in them so that the pieces absorb the marinate.

  195. Hi Amit,

    I am not sure why some of the biryani pieces tasted like that. I assume you have mixed all the spices well so it coats the chicken evenly.

    with respect to the watery consistency, may be the yoghurt you used is not thick enough and has shed water or did you use frozen chicken directly that might have caused the problem. Try using thick yoghurt and if its watery strain it in a cloth or use greek yoghurt alternatively which is thicker than regular yoghurt. hope that helps.

    Thanks for trying and letting me know. I hope it turns out good this time. I’ve cooked this recipe many times but never encountered any problems,

  196. I prepared chicken biryani for the first time ever in my life. Although I am an ardent lover of Chicken biryani, I used to have it ordered from restaurant, mainly because its time consumimg to prepare at home, as i prefer only quick recipes(I actually hate to cook but love to eat). But when i came across your biryani recipe, I thought of giving it a try, as u mentioned that its a cake walk preparing this. I & my husband couldnt believe that I could prepare such delicious dish at the first attempt. I would have never known that preparing chicken biryani can really be soooo easy. It came out perfectly well. My children literally devoured it. Thanks a lot ! I dont think I would ever order chicken biryani from any restaurant . I searched for chicken pulao in ur blog but couldnt get one. Please help

  197. Hi Shamli,

    I’m overwhelmed. Thanks so much for trying it out and the amazing compliments that I never dreamt of while posting this recipe. I plan to post the chicken pulao recipe in my blog sometime. will surely do it for you.

  198. Hi Sowjanya

    I really like the way you explain the recipe. I normally follow Sanjeev Kapoor’s website but I must say that I am impressed by yours. Will be trying this recipe soon and will definitely let you know the outcome.

    Thanks :)

  199. Hi Sowjanya, I am a vegetarian and I love cooking non vegetarian food for my husband…I would always make fish as I found it easy and everytime I made chicken, it would be either undercooked or overcooked. I followed your step by step instruction and the chicken biryani was fantastic. Thank you so much! my husband couldn’t stop eating it…it was that good!

  200. Hi Sowjanya,

    Thanks for giving a detailed recipe… first time I am going to try making Biryani… will surely let you know what ws the result…. Thank again :)

  201. hi sowjanya,
    Your recipe is really a neat and well explained for a new cook like me. i am newly married and I want to surprise my in-laws on this sunday with your well explained biryani recipe. i need a huge favour from your side, can you email me the ingredients and measurement for this hyderabadi biryani for 22 people. I am married in a joint family so i have to cook for all of them and want to surprise them with this recipe.

  202. Hi Sowjanya,

    I tried this recipe and it was absolutely fantastic….Me and my husband loved it very much. Thanks!!

  203. what is Biryani flower & where i get? last 3 ingredient kewra water,sweet attar and rose water which time and how mach i put in biryani ?

  204. Thanks a lot, excellant receipe.. my kids, husband and guests loved it..I love the way you presented the recipe..You are a great cook..

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  206. Hi,
    Ur recipe is ausum…we tried it and loved it…but we did not put lemon juice in the marinate as we think it wil not go with curd…would like to know ur views abt the same….Thanks..

  207. Awsome dear………..:) Thanks for your lovely efforts :)

  208. hi,
    just now i came across ur recipe…i need to cook for 30 people can u please send me the measurement and time to cook in conventional oven.
    if i cook in the conventional oven will the taste change?.
    thank u

  209. Thanks Sowjanya. I tried and it was very successful. But I have a great confusion. What if I want to cook same biryani for one kg of chicken. Can I take all the timings double? Like, the time we take to cook the rice etc. Thanks in advance

  210. Amazing…! could not believe it is possible to make such a good dum briyani at home…! :P
    Thanks for posting this recipe and thanks for making it so simple that even a newbie like me could easily make it.. Really appreciate you taking out the efforts to mention minute details like time taken for each step.. it helped..! :)

  211. Hi Sowjanya,
    I tried this recipe last Sunday and it turned out very well. I cooked two whole chicken ( about six pounds ). . I cut the chicken into large piecesAs this was for an American group, I used less rice. I didn’t realize that I needed to add oil to the marinade. I thought you meant that the oil was for frying the onions. it still came out well. Another thing that I did incorrectly was that after cooking the rice on high for four minutes, I drained the rice in a strainer. I then let the half-cooked rice be in the strainer for a while before I cooked the chicken and rice per your instructions. Because the half-cooked rice was in the strainer for a while, it cooked some more in its own heat and the rice was fully cooked. So when I finally mixed the chicken and the rice after the biriyani was done, the rice was overcooked.
    I am making the same biriyani again this weekend for some guests. This time I will use four pounds of chicken thighs. I cut the chicken into small pieces. I marinated it today. I fried the onions until they were golden brown and because I had to go back to work, while it was hot, I mixed them with the chilli powder, turmeric powder, garam masala, chopped mint and coriander leaves. This reduced the heat in the onions. I then added yoghurt and mixed it with the chicken, which was still cold. This cooled it down quite a bit. I hope the warm onions didn’t cause the yoghurt to spoil. Also, I added 2 tsp of salt ( for four pounds of chicken per your instruction ). It is now marinating in the freezer. I plan to cook it early on Sunday. I added too much yoghurt – probably 4 cups ( instead of 3 cups ). I don’t know if this would ruin the biriyani. Please let me know your thoughts. Also, since I have added so much yoghurt, please let me know if I should add more salt. Also, because there is so much yoghurt, please let me know if I should boil the chicken on high for five minutes or so before adding the rice ( you recommended this in your response to someone who said his rice was moist ). Would it hurt to add four tomatoes ?
    In order to prevent the over-cooking of the rice, I plan to cook the rice on high for just 3 1/2 minutes and then drain the rice in the strainer and immediately set it aside in a wide-bottomed vessel. Please let me know if this would work.
    I have also bought some prawn and am going to try your prawn stir fry recipe. Question for you: THe prawn is cleaned with just the tails remaining. Should I cut off the tails from the prawns or cook them with the tails ?
    Thanks a lot for your wonderful recipes. They are simple and very well explained. I really like the way you have timed some of the important steps.
    When you say ‘Boil the rice on high heat”, etc., what exactly do you mean ? Our stoves in America have settings from 1 to 10. DO you mean cook at a heat of 9 ? In the same way, when you say cook the chicken and rice together in the lowest heat setting, what do you mean ? I cooked it at a setting of 4 last time.
    Thank you !

  212. Hi Ravi,

    Glad you dropped by. Thanks for the lovely comment. I will try my best to clarify your questions.

    – Don’t worry by adding hot onions the yoghurt would still be ok. you have’nt really cooked in oil so you should be good.

    – If you feel you added to much of yoghurt try increasing the cooking time a bit where you cook the chicken. In this case I would suggest you add the chicken to the pan, cook on high heat covered until 5-8 mts or so till the gravy does’nt look too watery then add the half cooked rice and follow the rest of the procedure just like it was said in the recipe. This is only to ensure your chicken gravy is not too watery to soak up your rice and turn it moist. you can increase the salt a little bit but not too much as it is only just about a cup.

    – Adding tomatoes is ok but watch out because that might bring in more moisture when cooked in which case you would have to reduce the yoghurt qty a little bit which you’ve already increased and added. I would suggest refraining yourself for this time and experiment it the next time

    – To avoid rice being overcooked as soon as you drain it in the strainer run cold water for a minute or so. this will stop the cooking process of the rice even if it sits around on the counter top. This should help you

    – For the prawn recipe you can cook them with tail on or removed however the only difference is you might have to remove them while eating. I would prefer to remove the tail. It easily snips of when you pull with your hand.

    – I live in the US too and the stove settings where I cook has 3 modes high, medium and low. If you think 9 is too high that it would burn the food please try at 7 and keep an eye always.

    Hope I answered all your questions. Please feel free to drop by if you need any more help.

    I will try my best to answer them. Have a great day!

  213. Sowjanya,
    Thanks a lot for the quick response ! I cooked the two pounds of shrimp yesterday. My wife gave me the tip of pulling out the tails and it was very easy. When I boiled the shrimp, it took a while for the water to evaporate and at the end, the shrimp stuck to the bottom and we had to scrub the pan to get the sediment out. Also, the smell from the raw shrimp boiling wasn’t good for a while. Now for the good news- the shrimp came out great ! My daughter in law’s parents and neice had it for lunch. My brother, his wife and twins ( who recently moved to San Antonio ) joined us for dinner. They had it ( and my Chettinad Chicken from another site ) and everyone was all praises for the shrimp. My daughter’s mother in law said this was the best shrimp she ever had and asked for the recipe. The shrimp was a great hit. My wife is an awesome cook and had cooked seven vegetarian dishes. For the first time in my life I got better compliments than my wife :) and was recognized for my cooking, thanks to your recipe ! This really meant a lot to me because when I cooked a couple of weeks back, my biriyani, potato and okra were all a disaster and my brother’s family wasn’t that excited when I said I was cooking again :).
    I will be cooking your Hyderabadi chicken dum biriyani ( and a Madurai Chicken Saalna from Pachakam ) this morning and I am really excited about it. Thanks for responding to all my questions.
    When you said ‘run cold water for a minute’, I believe you meant that while the water is in the strainer, I put it under the tap and run the tap water through it for a minute.
    Thanks for your clarification on the heat setting. The last time I cooked six pounds of chicken, three pounds each in two large pots at a heat setting of 4. This is the first time I have cooked with the pot on top of a dosa pan and didn’t know whether the chicken would cook. It was a step of faith. After 30 minutes, I turned the heat off let it sit for about 25 minutes before mixing the chicken with the rice. The chicken was cooked just right ! You have mentioned that it be cooked with the lowest heat setting. This time I am going to cook two pounds of chicken thighs ( cut into smaller pieces ) with 4 cups of water for 10 people. Do you think that the heat setting of 4 would be enough ?
    One last question: You have shown in your picture that you poured the orange color just in three places around the center. I poured red color all across the rice, probably three times as much as you did. I don’t know if too much red color changes the taste of the rice. Please let me know your thoughts on this too.
    You have mentioned that you have blogged a Prawn fry dish before this one. I couldn’t find it on your site.
    I think that by sharing your recipes, you are doing a great service to the community and are helping spread joy to many people !

  214. Sowjanya,
    I cooked the chicken dum biriyani today and it came out very well. Thanks a lot for the wonderful recipe. As this is the long weekend and we have guests, I am taking the opportunity to cook other recipes. Tomorrow I will try your Fish Pulusu and Prawns in thick sauce

  215. hi,
    pls send me garam masala recipe.I am eagerly waiting 4r ur aromatic garam masala powder

  216. Thanks for this excellent recipe..making biryani is lot more easier with this reicpe…I tried it and every one enjoyed my biryani…thnx so much


  217. Hi Sowjanya,

    Excellent recipe as all had commented and I have been using this now regularly.


  218. Hey Sowjanya,

    Great explanation!! Pics are really tempting:-) I am going to prepare it now. Hope will get it well. Thanks a lot.


  219. Hi,

    I have a party this week and I’m cooking chicken biryani for 15 people. Can I use aluminium (foil) container in the oven and cover the same with aluminium foil so that the steam doesnt escape?? Please advice.


  220. and the biryani should be put on broil mode right??

    I’m thinking of using 5 pounds chicken for the biriyani. How many cups of curd do I need to use??

  221. Hi Prabha,

    yes you could cook the biryani in the aluminium foil container in bake mode at 350 degrees until the rice and chicken is cooked.you could use about 3-4 cups of yoghurt for the marinade.

  222. Hey Sowjanya,

    Thanks for the response..

    I’m doing the pukhi biryani method (cook chicken and rice untill it is 80% done) as I do not want to worry or get tensed upon the chicken and rice getting under or over cooked. The rest 20% I’m planning to cook in the oven. Should I still bake it at 350 degrees?? And how long do u approximately think this would take??

    Thanks in Advance,

  223. Hi Soujanya,
    Thanks a ton for such an amazing and simplistic recipe. Cooking is my passion and I love to cook for my family and my friends but I get to cook only on some weekends. I am an avid fan of Hyderabadi Dum Biryani. I have tried a lot of places in US and India but frankly at very few joints I got lip-smacking biryani. I have tried so many of the so called awesome Dum Biryani recipes but for some reasons things were not adding up well. That was until I hit this web-page of yours.
    After reading your recipe, I was really in awe with your simple instructions although I had doubts about the chicken getting cooked thoroughly. Would it cook properly? Would it stay pink? Or would it get burnt at the bottom, doubts kept on lingering. On various attempts I had cooked biryani in the past, the process of cooking the rice turned out to be the bane of my biryani. Sometimes it came out undercooked and at times overcooked. I just couldn’t get it till I ran in here.
    So last night I set out for the quest of making a true biryani. Followed every step you mentioned. Now when it came to cooking the rice thats where those instructions made a whole lot of difference. Cleaning the rice to wash out the loose starch, soaking it for atleast 1 hr, using 5 times water volume compared to rice volume,getting the water to a boil, throwing all the spices, salt and butter and then getting the rice to a boil – all these steps made a big difference.
    Ultimately, the biryani that came out after an hour was so gooooooooooooooood that I just couldnt believe it. Everybody in my family was amazed at the taste that came out. My better half and the kids were so happy to eat it.
    If every recipe is given out in a such a clear and simple way, I would say that half of the restaurants will run out of business :)

    P.S.- Just a couple of questions to you – Have you tried this with the mutton (goat/lamb meat). ? If yes, what would be the cooking time difference? Mutton takes longer to cook and more pressure as well compared to chicken.

  224. Heya!!
    thanks so much for posting such a wonderful and detailed recipe!! my husband loves hyderabadi biryani….so i tried to make it for him today!! and it came out really really well!!

    THANKS!! :)

  225. hi,

    im going to prepare dum biriyani for this week end.the way u explained the recipe is very clear.but i have a question regarding garam masala.what are the exact ingredients that i have to use to make this powder.can u plz help me.


  226. Hi Soujanya,
    I will be Cooking for my sisters birthday party, could you please give me the recipe for 30 people. Thankyou.

  227. Re: Chicken Biryani

    Pictures and detail description is excellent. Can you please give me the measurement for 20 people.


  228. I tried the recipe & it was really good with colorful & separated rice.
    I used the wet towel concept for sealing the vessel. It maintained the heat as well.

  229. Hi Sir,
    Could u help me actualy we planning for picnic so how much chicken Biriyani required for 30 Persons i don’t know the quantity thatsy.

  230. Excellent way of preparing Biryani. I tried the way as mentioned and it came out really well. Thanks a ton


    I love cooking .i tried ur biriyani recipe.it comes out really amazing.much thanks for detailing the recipe i nexcelent way.its clear that restaurant recipes beats.my hubby adds its tongue tickling,fantstic……….thanks a lot n best wishes.


  232. hi ma’am,
    is it somehow possible, tat u could tel me measurements for preparing biryani for 10-12 people? coz sm of my frnds gonna cum 2 ma place 2moro..

  233. hi sowji,
    i saw ur recipe, but i want to do it pressure cooker. Can u explain the measurements n time n for how whistles i should wait?

  234. Sowjanya…….
    wowweeew amazing just superb…..searched everywer cudnt find one lyk dis …..
    plz can u help me…..hav a party on wed n wanna make dum gosh biryani …20 ppl invited how many kg wilk b enuf …..i will hav a chicken gravy as well wid roti…..
    can u giv mirchi ka salan recipe n garam masala recipe pllllzzzzxzzxzz
    if ma guests praise me…..the credit will go to u….

  235. Excellent I prepared the dum biryani its awesome

  236. Need to know the quantity for chicken rice and other ingredients to make this biryani for 25 people! Can u pls help!


  237. bhapre !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 its suuuuuuuuuuuuperb recipie darlssss,thank u 4 publicizing..

  238. I want to prepare this receipe for my sons birthday on 22jan for about 20 people ple send me detailed receipe please it’s very urgent

  239. Ple tell me the chicken biryani measurements for 15 people

  240. Hello mam,

    I am 27 bachelor,staying in London ,though i just came for assignment ,it had been almost six months i had no biryani(i live in hyd in india) and its my fav dish ,had never dared to think of cooking in assumption that it would be complicated dish ,but after all missing ,i came across ur blog and to tell ,i could not end my dish without thanking you for such a wonderfully and simply explaining of the dish :) ,as its my first attempt on biryani and boy i loved the taste :) let me know links to other recipe and keep posting ,thanks again :)

    thanks and regards

  241. Hi soujanya,
    OMG..what a biryani..explained so neatly and clearly that to with photos….i ve never seen any recipe so detailed wid tempting pictures ….i like biryani very much and u explained in a very detailed manner……actually m in spain & m goin to try this biryani.. hope 4 d best..:):)

  242. Hi Sowjanya !!!
    I see you posted recipe since three years ..
    But today I really wanted to try something different
    I heard about Dum Biryani a lot and every time I skip the plan
    Because it’s very hard and it takes long time ..
    But you are amazing you explain so easy with pics.
    Today I tried it it’s very very tasty and my kids also loved it.
    Thanks a lots …. For making it easy .

  243. Hi SOWJANYA,

    Awesome Recipe, I have tried it so many times and every time it turned out so much yummy. Thanks for the same.

  244. Soujanya, Sincere thanks for sharing the recipe in such detail.

  245. Hi,
    I did the which u said about it is very tasty and pls tel me the same recipe for 20members and pls also tel me how to do pachi pulusu pls

  246. Hi sowjanya its nice to see ur recipe with such grt explaination btw i have one doubt

    The marinated chikn after layering it will tht cooks in slow heat . Usually for electric stove wht no. Of heat should
    We keep to get well cooked?

  247. Brilliant recipe.. Made it successfully.. Wife LOVED it.. Just one thing though, it came out a little too dry.. It didnt have masala, so to say.. It was very well spiced, but I think it cud do me some more masala, if u will..


  248. Thanks a lot Soujanya… You made my day…. it was so tasty….

  249. Hi Soujanya….Everyone over here is praising your recipe and I am definitely going to give a try. Would you please email me measures for 15 people. Thanks

  250. Hi Sowjanya,

    I stay far from India and from my Parents. Its very hard to get/eat Indian food and that to Biryani.
    The Recipe which is given is very clear and it made me understood easily.
    I have prepared this at my home and it came really nice and very tasty. Even my friends have enjoyed my Biryani.
    Thank you so much for a very clear Recipe description.

  251. Hi sowjanya,
    Excellent recipe…thanks for sharing u are a good teacher i believe step wise orders made cooking more easy cool…

  252. Hi. Can u pls tell me if I need to add water after layering the marinated chicken and half cooked rice? I don’t understand how the rice and chicken will get cooked without a bit of water? Also how do I add potatoes to this recipe?. I love potatoes with biriyani. So can u pls explain how and when I need to add potatoes to the dim biriyani. Thank you .

  253. Can we use a oven instead of the dosa tava for the last stage? If yes, what should be the temperature setting and time? thanks

  254. oh sorry, i got my answer in your reply to a similar question in 2009 asked by someone above. thanks

  255. Hi Sowjanya,
    I tried this beautiful looking recipe 3-4 times. I absolutely followed the instructions but the masala at the bottom kind of didn’t get cooked very well even after keepng on the cooktop for an hour and 45 mins. the rice were sticky and masala got rolled onto them. Any thoughts!!!


  256. i made chicken biriyani last sunday. came out well. when i ate chicken it’s melted. Thank you very much for ue reciepe. But when i mix the rice with chicken, rice gets mushy. Pls tel me where did i go wrong.

  257. I prepared this recipe today and it came out extremely well. Thank your very much for sharing this wonderful yet most wanted recipe..

  258. Can you please send me the exact requirements of all the ingredients for cooking the biryani for 25 people

  259. hi sowjanya,

    very happy to see a detailed recipe like this…………thanks a lot ………i will try this at home and will let you know…………….please do post more non veg and veg recipes………..we will be awaiting………

  260. hi sowjanya
    u’ve done a great job dear….i tried ur recipe and it came out really well…
    thanx a lot…especially the way u presented is simply superb…

  261. ur recipe is so detailed …thats the best part about it atleast until i taste what i prepare….can u please give me the measurements required to make it for a group of about 15 people…please….!

  262. Hi Sowjanya,

    I stumped upon this recipe by chance and felt like I had to try it out.
    I have tried many hyderabadi biryani recipes but yours turned out the best.
    I felt the garam masala and chilly powder might be a little too much but then it was perfect.
    I used a le creuset Dutch oven and 4 minutes on high burnt the chicken a little bit.
    Probably medium flame is good if using cast iron. Other than that everything was perfect.
    I love cooking and would try out many more of your recipes now that my first o be was a big hit.

    Thanks for the lovely recipe. I’ll make sure I’ll share your website with friends.


  263. Hi Nandini,

    I am not sure where it could have gone wrong but I was wondering if the yoghurt you used is not thick (was it runny?) that it got rolled off on the rice? or did you try to mix it? What kind of rice were you using? I used basmati rice for this recipe but never had any problems.

  264. Hi Sowjanya,

    I’m very new to cooking and stumbled upon you’re site. Followed your instructions to the T and my family says it’s the best Biryani they’ve ever had. ( my family is very fond of biryani and usually very fussy about the kind they eat)
    Thank – you so much for this!!! I’m going to try my hand at a few more from here and share this with my friends


  265. I have tried the recipe and it came out very well. I cooked the biryani for 50 minutes and the chicken cooked properly.

    Thanks a lot..

  266. Hi Sowjanya

    Thanks a lot this well described recipe. but i need your suggestion. can i use a ftat steel cadai used for induction to cook the biryani? because i don’t have any better option.waiting for your reply.

  267. Hi,
    This was the best biryani i hv ever made..thanks a ton..i m planning to make this for 20 ppl..can u pls email me the measurements and the garam masala recipe?

    thanks once again


  268. some people adds raw papaya for d biryani is it necessary to add papaya

  269. Hi Ramya

    Papaya acts as a meat tenderizer but is not required for this. It is usually used in biryani when adding red meat.

  270. Hi Sowjanya,

    Just wanted to say a Big thanks the for appreciations what I got for cooking biryani with the simplest recipe you provided……Thanks a lot

  271. Hi Sowjanya,
    Could I know the measurements for making this chicken biryani for 25 people (men) ?.

  272. Hi sowjanya ji.

    can u plz send me the detail recipe of dum ki mutton biryani for 30 people. And what are the items required.

    thank you

  273. hi if I am doubling this recipe do I double the cooking time?

  274. Hi

    The cook time remains the same. Please make sure you are using a vessel that fits the ingredients though.


  275. good evening mam,
    actually madam i am planning to make the biryani for 25 people so can u please email the measuements in detail. ??

  276. Hi, Sowjayna! I am writing from Argentina! I step into your site today looking for a briyani and pum! Found this great easy to follow recipe with all these lovely comments from your public. You are awesome!!! I am going to try this recipe tonight for 10 friends. There will be no other side dishes to it, is it possible for you to email me the quantities for this matter? I thank you so much for your kindness…!

  277. Hi Angeles

    Thanks you for the lovely comments. will send out an email shortly.

  278. Made it last night for a grp of ten…. Sowjanya sent me the meassures and it was a full success… only tricky thing was I did put the chicken as directed as well as all the marinade … so the rice next to all the juices was a little overcooked… next time no marinade inside the pot for an even more beautiful result. 2 Kg of rice was PLENTY for 10 people… Thanks so much!!! Everyone enjoyed it!

  279. Hi Sowjanya Garu,
    I am from Hyderabad area and there are soany places there that offer really good Dum Biryani, of course mutton biryani is the best. Last couple of times I ordered biryani from our local Andhra restaurant and all they had two small pieces of chicken wirh a bunch of biryani rice. I got 3 orders of biryani for 6 people ( we also had several other dishes prepared) and it was embarassing when our guests kept sifting through the rice looking for chicken pieces. I am upset enough to look on line and learn to cook the dish myself. Your recipe looks prretty authentic and i would like to try it in the next few days. However i have several questions. I would greatley apprciate if you would take time to clear my doubts.

    1. Our stove is standard size and if i use very wide dish, the flame will not cover the entire bottom of the pot and the rice may not be cooked uniformly. Is it better to use the oven instead?
    2. After the chicken is marinated, is it OK to justuse the chicken pieces and throw away the rest of the marinade beacuse i am afraid that it may come too much watery if i use all the marinade.
    3. Garam masala mix – do i use the cardamom pods with the skin or remove the seeds from the pod and throw away the skins?
    4. If i use the oven for cooking, i can check the rice at the top after 25 minutes for doneness but how do i check if the chicken is done without overly disturbing the rice layer?

    I know that you get an enormous number of requests from the reader of your blogs but please leave me a note when you find some time. I will also check out your chepala pulusu recipe because is i use to love it in some Rajulu hotel in Rajamandry but here in US, i tasted it at some of our friends houses but it is not even to close what I had back then. It is always too watery, or not sour enough, or just too bland.
    Thank you once again for yourpassion for cooking and sharing your knowlege and experience with so many of us novices. Bye now and keep sharing your recipes.

  280. hi Sowjanya Garu,
    1. I am planning on making Biryani with 6 lbs of chicken thighs (bone in). Could you please give me the quantities of spices needed? I think chicken thighs wth bone in tastes better for our preparations. I buy the chicken thighs (fortunately we can buy chicken thighs alone in US), remove the skin, cut off all the fat, and then chop them into two’s or three’s using a cleaver depending on how large the thighs are. Works out beautifully for chicken curry, or korma. Please let me know the quantities for 6 lbs of chicken thighs. Also, sis the recipe the same for lamb biryani also? Thanks

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