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pesarattu upma

Jun 1st, 2006 | By | Category: All Recipes, Breakfast Recipes, Chutneys & Pachadis, Featured recipes, Veg - Recipes

pesarattu – upma a scrumptious and filling meal, perfect for a sunday brunch 🙂

pesarattu – upma – allam pacchadi (moong dal dosa,upma with ginger chutney)

pesarattu – upma is one of the tastiest and traditional breakfast of Andhra Pradesh. Its made with moong dal or green gram lentil (also called pesalu in telugu). This tastes well with ginger chutney.

Ingredients for pesarattu (moong dal dosa)

moong dal – 2 cups

ginger – 1 inch piece

green chillies – 8

salt – 2 tb sp

cumin seeds – 2 tsps (also called jeera)

oil/ghee – 4 tb sps

Toppings for pesarattu

onions – 4 (finely chopped)

green chillies – 4 (finely chopped)


1. Soak moong dal over night, Next day drain the water, add 8 green chillies, ginger piece, 2 tb sps of salt and grind into smooth paste adding little water.

2. Remove the batter add jeera (cumin seeds) to the batter.

soaked moong dal in water



pesarattu batter
3. Heat an iron pan till hot (if you sprinkle water it has to sizzle).
4. pour a spoonful of batter in the center of the pan and spread it round in shape.
5. add chopped onions and green chilies pieces for topping.
6 add 1 tsp of oil/ghee on top and edges of pesarattu.
7. lower the flame for 2 mts and then turn the flame to high.
8. allow the pesarattu to turn on golden brown color at the bottom and then turn it back.
9. allow pesarattu to fry for a minute and then turn it back again. Fold into two halves and serve hot with upma and ginger chutney. (see below for recipe and photos.)

pesarattu on pan




Ingredients for upma

sooji (upma ravva) – 1 cup

onions – 2 (cut into slits)

green chillies – 6 to 8

chana dal – 2 tb sps (senagapappu)

urad dal – 1 tb sps (minapappu)

mustard seeds – 1 tsp

ginger – 1/2 inch piece (chopped)

oil – 2 tb sps

ghee – 1 tb sp

curry leaves – 1 sprig

water – 2 cups

salt to taste.



1. Heat oil & ghee in a kadhai. Add chana dal, urad dal, mustard seeds, curry leaves and fry for 3 mts. Add slit onions, chopped ginger, curry leaves and green chillies.

2. Fry them till onions turn soft.

3. Add 2 cups of water and salt and bring it to boil (you can test if the salt is sufficient or not by tasting the water. if the water is salty to taste, it indicates that salt would be sufficient after adding upma rava, otherwise add little more salt to water.) 4. when the water comes to boil, turn the flame to low, slowly pour upma rava while stirring it with another hand to avoid lumps.(see the picture given below)

5. Turn the flame off and cover with a lid for 4 mts. serve hot with pesarattu.

Ingredients for ginger chutney

chana dal – 3 tb sps (also called senagapappu)

urad dal – 3 tb sps (also called minapappu)

coriander seeds – 1 tb sp (also called dhaniyalu)

jeera – 1 tsp

tamarind – big lemon size

ginger – 3 inch piece (a big piece cut into small pieces)

green chillies – 15 to 17 (slit length wise)

jaggery – 2 cubes (alternatively sugar can also be used)

oil – 3 tb sps

salt to taste


1. Heat oil in a pan and fry chana dal, urad dal, coriander seeds, jeera, green chillies for 3 mts in high flame

2. add ginger pieces to it and fry for another 2 mts in low flame. switch off the flame.

3. allow this mixture to cool, add tamarind, jaggery, salt and grind to smooth paste adding water.

4. serve it with pesarattu – upma.

Frying for allam chutney




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  1. Fantastic post!! Great work there, Sowjanya. Lovely pictures..step by step procedure is really helpful for those new to “pesarattu-upma” combo.

  2. Hey! I found this by using Indira’s new search engine–this is great!! I have made the pesarattu many times over the years by following a recipe in one of Madhur Jaffrey’s books, but she failed to mention that thia was an Andhra dish and also did not mention the usual combination with upma and ginger chutney. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!!!
    15-17 chiles!!!!! 🙂 good thing I like spicy food… I heard that Andhra food was the hottest, they were not kidding me! 😀

  3. tried out your chutney.. it turned out very great and had a nice dinner… thank you..

  4. Hi Sowjanya,

    I have been trying all the dishes from past a week that is on ur section, i must tell u… ur doing a wonderful job… I have got great interest in cooking now. Plz have more dishes like this. You tamoto paapu and cauliflower masala are the best…we loved it… thnx again

  5. Hi Sowjanya,

    I must say… u r doing a wonderful job… i tried 4 dishes from your site… it was very delicious.. we enjoyed it… esp.. tomoato pappu and cauliflower masala.. I have great interest to cook these days.. THnx again

  6. Thanks Srividya for trying out the dishes. That was lovely to hear your words.

    Thanks a lot for trying.

    Thanks for those nice words.No doubt Andhra food is the hottest and tastiest food 🙂 I bet you’ll love it.

  7. Hello Sowjanya,

    Thanks alot for the recipe….I have tried it for the first time…and they did turn out very well..My husband & I loved it…..

    post some more recipes…

    Thanks once again n good day


  8. susmita,

    That was so sweet of you. Thanks a lot. would surely post some more recipes once I’m back from my vacation. Till then stay tuned.

  9. Nice photos and good procedure, I am from Andhra, I prepare pesarattu upma in different style,

    on Pesarattu we place upma insted onion pcs, and If I am not wrong along with moong dal we need to use rice to get strength to dosa otherwise fried pesarattu will broke into pcs.
    Srinivas Dharanikota

  10. Srini,

    Thanks for dropping by. yeah even I do place upma on pesarattu and wrap it up sometimes.

    Well rice is not mandatory for pesarattu. To avoid breaking it cook on low flame for a few minutes and then on high. Uncooked rice can be soaked along with moong dal for a slightly crispy dosa.

  11. Thanks for the post..its really delicious…
    I tried allam chutney adding some salt and i think it is missing from that ingredients in the recipe.

    This recipe along with pictures is really great and thanks again.

  12. Meka,

    Thanks for trying the recipe. yeah it was a typo. I missed salt in the ingredients for allam chutney. Thanks for spotting it.

  13. hi sowjanya,pesarattu upma with allam pachadi was good.my recipe for allam pachadi slightly varies.i use onion(3),red chillies(3),1/2 inch ginger,marble size tamerind,1 cube jaggery,salt to taste.fry onion,red chillies,ginger in little oil and grind it with tamerind,jaggery and salt adding no water.can you tell me the recipe for kodi iguru(raju’s style)

  14. thnx a lot sowjanya…..i can now cook breakfast on ma own….he he hee…hails to u

  15. sumithra,

    Thanks for sharing your version of recipe with me. Will surely try it this time and blog it too… Do you have any email id where I can email you the kodi iguru recipe.

  16. Shiv,

    I’m glad to hear you liked my blog. Do try out the dishes and let me know how they turned up. Please feel free to email me for any queries.

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  18. Hey Soujanya, Indeed a wonderful job! I’m trying out almot all your recipes (due to time constraint as I’m a working woman, not tried a few)… Andhra food is indeed spicy!! I love Andhra cuisine!!!

  19. Thanks jyothi,

    I’m glad you like my recipes. Yeah I understand how busy it is for a working woman. I’m working too, and thats the major reason thats keeps me away from blogging regularly even if I wanted to.

    Do try out when you have some time and let me know if you need any help.

  20. loved ur recipe

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