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Rainbow silver dollar pancakes

~Rainbow Pancakes~

A stack of pancakes served with a dollop of butter and maple syrup will make your picky toddler run into the kitchen and begging you for more. Fortunately dear daughter has never been a picky eater but one of her favorite foods has always remained pancakes and this version of mini colorful pancakes served on a stick is always a hit with her! Here’s how I make them:

Note: If you are on a time crunch you can skip using the lollipop sticks, just make pancakes omitting the sticks on it and serve them as a colorful stack.

It is important to adjust the heat between medium to low so the pancakes do not burn and lose the lovely color. Remember you want rainbow pancakes not brown!

Tip: You can use your favorite cookie cutters or just a round one to make funny shapes

Ingredients :

Your favorite pancake mix (I used whole wheat pancake mix)

Food Colors of your choice (I used Red, Blue, Green and Yellow)


Lollipop sticks


1. Prepare your pancake mix according to the directions on the box or you can use your favorite homemade recipe.

2. Divide the pancake mix equally in 4 different bowls

3. Drop in few drops (about 6 to 7) of color in each bowl and blend well

How to :