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About Me:

Mommy’s cuisine belongs to Sowjanya. Born in tanuku, a small town in Andhra Pradesh, raised in Visakhapatnam, and a mom to to two beautiful daughters Reethi and Raaga.

So What’s all about Mommys Cuisine?

Food has been my passion since childhood. That’s because I grew up over two decades eating my mothers cuisine. I watched my mother cooking with lot of pleasure and care and how she served us more and more when she made our favourite dishes. spending hours in the kitchen cooking delicious meals for us, I wondered how she managed, my dad who liked chapathis with chicken curry, me who ate more of vegetarian with a choice of rasam, curry, fry and papads or anything else crispy in my big lunch box 🙂 and my little brother whose day does not pass without coconut chutney in his breakfast. I remember her packing up our lunch by 7 in the morning.

For the first twenty three years of my life, I knew only relishing the dishes cooked by my mom. A move to Hyderabad in India after my marriage, opened the door to my cooking. I taught myself cooking by referring to most of the recipes which my mom used to cook. This blog is a means to share all the recipes I learnt and you would also see me take the easy route many a times although not compromising on the taste.  Who said cooking always has to be made from scratch?

What will see you here?

Well, all the delicious Andhra recipes from my moms kitchen, recipes inspired from my friends, the countless cookbooks that I read and anything else that catches my eye.

Comment Policy

I would love to hear from my readers. Please feel free to drop in your comments in the comments box provided at the end of every recipe that I post, but sometimes due to busy work schedules I might not be able to respond back to your comments/emails promptly. But I would surely reply back as soon as possible. Please understand that the Email address is required for commenting but they are not published on the blog and nor would be shared with anyone else.  This blog is “reader friendly ” and comments that include offensive or inappropriate language would be deleted.

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Copyright Policy

All the content and images of www.mommyscuisine.com  belong to Sowjanya K , are copyright protected and cannot be used/distributed/reproduced/published/broadcasted/hot linked or used in any other form without the prior written permission of Sowjanya. All rights reserved.

Use of images that are posted at www.mommyscuisine.com and content in violation of the terms mentioned above constitutes a violation of my copyright.

Appreciate if you would respect my intentions and not publish/duplicate images from my blog without a written permission. Please request permission for use of my photos/content from my site. I can be reached via email at:contactemail1

Enjoy your visit

– Sowjanya

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  1. Dear Sowjanya,
    Baagunaara? Mee veg vantaa anni naaku chaala nchindi. Iam a tamilaian staying in HYd for the past 30 months and learning and loving telugu a lot. Congrats your blog is really nice. Pl keep posting

  2. Thanks nirupama for the nice words. Hope to see you around. keep in touch.

  3. Hi Sowjanya,
    I am a keralite but raised in Vizag .I really liked ur recipes, which u have made it very easy. for people like us .I really like ur hyd dum recipe which I am planning to use for 2mmorrow’s lunch .
    Keep up the gud work .


  4. Thanks sha,

    Please feel free to drop in a note if you need any assistance while cooking. I am more than happy to help you.

  5. Hi Sowjanya,

    I’m American with a brand-new interest in Indian cooking. I never attempted cooking an Indian dish until a few weeks ago, when I saw an interesting one in a local community cookbook where people shared their own home recipes. An Indian lady submitted “Vegetable Pulao” and it was a success for me! My husband 2 year-old loved it, and now I’m on the hunt for more Indian recipes, but there are so many to choose from that I’m overwhelmed! I really like your site because the directions are explained very clearly, and the photos are beautiful.

    Do you have any suggestions for me– what to try first? I’m looking for something fairly simple to start with and that my toddler will like. The only meat she likes is chicken, but she loves beans and lentils, rice, potatoes, and most vegetables.

    Thank you so much!


  6. Hello Sowjanya,
    You have a beautiful blog with wonderufl recipes… i just loved everything… will definitely try out many of them… i went through your ‘About’ and found that you are from Tanuku.. my mother is from tanuku and we still hold family there…If Thota is your surname then we might definitely be related somewhere… Best wishes for you blog…Bye


  7. Thanks for the nice words sru,

    May be we are related 🙂 Please drop in a mail to sowjanya at mommyscuisine dot com.

  8. Hi Sowjanya garu,
    I’m very glad to see your recipe blog. You gave very nice and clear presentation for every recipe u have posted.
    I would like to ask you about KAJJIKAYALU. I have tried with normal cake flour but they turned soft and soggy when I fried in oil. Can u please suggest me the tips to get crispy kajjikayalu………
    I love this very much as it is one of the most favourite dish for ANDHRA people.
    Please post me the recipe. I’ll be checking this blog everyday.

  9. Shilpa, Thanks a lot for dropping by and your nice words. I’ll surely post the recipe for kajjikayalu for you.

  10. Hello Soujanya,

    I want to thank you for the Pesarapappu kobbari boorelu recipe. That is my fav sweet but didnt know how to make it. I guess yours is the only recipe on the internet for this dish as i had spent a lot of time searching for this recipe. The photograph of the moong dal batter in the idli dish was very helpful to get a better idea. I wish you could include more photographs of the process. I have soaked all the dals and will be preparing the dish tomorow. Hope it comes out well.

    Once again would like to thank you for this amazing recipe.


  11. hi,sowjanya garu,
    namaste, maadi kovvur,now iam in qatar. mee vantalu super, nakku appalu recipe search chestunte mee site dorikindi,mee di maadi west god kadha mail cheyalanipinchindi.so all the best ur blog, reply ivvandi. bye.

  12. Hi Padma,

    Nice to your comment on the blog. Maadi kooda west godavari ne. Hope you like my recipes and try them out. Do mail me or drop in a comment if you need any help while cooking the recipes. I’d be glad to help you.

  13. Hello Sowjanya garu,

    At last I found it…..This is the one which I am looking for ‘Blog for Andhra Recipes’. Thank you very much.
    I am a beginner in cooking.
    Will you please post on ‘How to cook rice’. I have tried 2-3 times but it became pasty.

  14. Hi Krish,

    Thanks for the nice words. I’ll soon post a “How to…” article on cooking rice.

  15. Hi Sowjanya,

    I came across your website while looking for ‘andhra’ recipes. The recipes are simple, mouth-watering and the pictures are very helpful. I am going to bookmark your blog and will refer to it quite often.

  16. Hi Sowjanya,

    First of all let me thank u for the wonderful website. i m recently married and beginner in cooking. I m a foodie and love it taste variety of foods. nw i will start cooking everything , experiment on my husband and let u know.. :). First of all i will start with the ones that u posted in ur website.. i found every item u posted very interesting,.. receipes chusthe maa amma gurthochindi..

  17. Priya,

    Glad to hear from you. It was a great compliment from you that my recipes remind me of your mother. please feel free to drop me a mail or a comment should you need any help while cooking. I’d do my best to reply as quickly as possible.

    mee mesg chooste naku kooda chala santosham ga anipinchindi.

  18. hi!!
    how r u? i am swathi. My mother is from tanuku. i was born there but i was bought up in vizag and now i am in us ( Arcola, IL). i was just searching for coconut rice receipe and found ur site. i just came across about me blog and i am surprised to see that u r from tanuku. May be i know u. ur receipes r very good. the way u r putting forward is really good. i wish u all the best. thank u.

  19. I am good swathi. Thanks for dropping by. Good to hear you are from tanuku. I was born in the same place too and raised in vizag. May be I know you too 🙂

    please send me an email to the email id I mentioned. we can talk. Thanks for the compliments about my website. Do try the recipes when you get a chance and let me know how you like them.

  20. Hi Sowjanya,

    Im newly married and came to usa.. ur site is very helpful.. i will try the recipies from tomorrow and will let you know.. can you post some more rice varieties like carrot rice, pudina rice, veg biryani,kichidi… and also sweets like double ka meetha, kheer,gulabjamun etc.. these will b very helpful… thank u and u r doing a very good job..yummy recipies 🙂

  21. Hi Sowjanya,

    I was looking for Royyala Vepudu recipe and found your site. The picture looks perfect – and matches our West Godavari style. Also, my mom used to make my favourite Peethala pulusu and always wanted to try but scared to venture it. Now that you posted the recipe, i will try it out.

    When it comes to one’s taste, place carries lot of value next to Mom’s food. Thanks Tanuku girl.


  22. Hi Vijaya,

    True, place carries a lot of value when it comes to certain recipes. Glad you liked mine. hope to hear from you more. Thanks so much for leaving a lovely comment.

  23. Hi Sowjanya,

    I am so happy to discover your website, I’m a big fan of Andhra vegetarian food as I grew up in Hyd but originally from north. I always loved the simplicity of andhra food whenever i ate at my friend’s place. I’m going to try allam (ginger chutney) tomorrow and was so glad to see beerakai recipe along with many other recipes too…keep up the good work…


  24. sowjanya ur recipies are amazing,its like my mummy is with me…..

  25. Dear sowjanya,

    I eagerly wait for new posts on your blog. Your peanut chutney has always brought me compliments. Thanks a lot!

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